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Suffering from Menstrual Pain? Try these 10 Crystals that can Actually Help

Suffering from Menstrual Pain? Try these 10 Crystals that can Actually Help

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Menstrual pain, often known as period pain, is the abdomen and lower back pain that women suffer while losing blood throughout their menstrual cycle.

Healing crystals for menstruation cramps can be used instead of taking pharmaceuticals or any other drugs to help relieve the discomfort. These mysterious Crystals have the ability to make pain pleasant, as well as headaches and mood swings, vanish into thin air.

You simply need to choose the proper crystal to aid you with period pain, as not all stones vibrate at the same rate or function in the same way.

When used in line with the right rituals, these highly electrified gems serve as great medicines.

Here are ten crystals that can aid with menstrual pain relief.

• Kidney Stone for Regulating Menstrual Pain

Malachite crystal

It is an effective cure for female issues, particularly for controlling the menstrual cycle and cramping, as well as for making labour go more smoothly. Malachite, often known as a kidney stone, is a stone that draws emotions to the surface and clears all chakras.

• Moonstone for Hormonal Balance

Moonstone crystal

Moonstone is a stone associated with feminine energy. Female fertility, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause are all linked to this hormone. The Moonstone helps women in all aspects of womanhood, including maid, mother, and wise woman. This stone aids in the acceptance of the continuous flow of female hormones.

• Sapphire for Emotional Balance

Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a healing energy powerhouse that will keep you safe and peaceful during your monthly menstrual period. Lapis Lazuli is another name for this stone. Its calming effect will keep your temper in check and leave you feeling refreshed and at ease. It’s a fantastic crystal for maintaining emotional equilibrium, especially during PMS.

• Rose Quartz for Pain Relief and complications

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz relieves stress and tension by stimulating the normal activities of the circulatory system and heart. Using this Crystal for Meditation to enhance your meditation abilities and attain a certain objective during your meditation can be a powerful tool.

Rose quartz crystal helps in the repair of the female reproductive system, including sexual issues, genitals, postpartum depression, and after childbirth healing.

Rose Quartz decreases menstruation discomfort, allowing you to feel relieved and in less agony. Rose Quartz is said to be a diamond-like gemstone replacement.

Ruby Gemstone for Balancing Minerals

Ruby Gemstone

It cleanses the energy and removes any negative energy, as well as calming the wearer’s aura, reducing stress, and banishing negative and destructive ideas. Ruby, also known as Jasper, is a stone that provides healing energy and has been used to treat problems with internal organs (liver, bladder, spleen, stomach, kidneys). This crystal is frequently used to help balance mineral levels in the body and support greater organ function.

• Emerald Gemstone for Better Mood

Emerald gemstone

It boosts and improves the body’s emotional, mental, and physical well-being while also activating the immune system. It’s also known as Fluorite Gemstone, and it’s a gemstone that helps with brain wave disturbances, brain chemistry, and vertigo and dizziness.

• Red Coral for Menstrual symptoms

Red Coral

The main advantage of red coral is its extraordinary healing properties. This Crystal boosts metabolism and improves blood flow to organs and tissues. Carnelian gemstones aid in the treatment of skin problems, blood purification, and the prevention of cuts, wounds, bruises, and injuries. Carnelian is another name for it.

Turquoise for Headaches and Depression


Turquoise was once thought to be a crystal that might help with sadness, panic attacks, infections, and gastrointestinal issues. It was thought to be the most effective treatment for migraines, headaches, brain, ear, and eye issues. This stone is excellent for mending the body, mind, and spirit. It improves the wearer’s mood by bringing it into balance and providing a personal sense of peace and serenity.

Garnet for physical and Problems during PMS


The most significant application of this Crystal is to calm the person and heal emotional outbursts during PMS and menstruation, as well as to help cure depression and balance energy.

Labradorite for reducing Stress during PMS


The best crystal for relieving stress and anxiety, especially during menstruation, pain alleviation, and PMS symptoms is labradorite. It lessens a person’s sensitivity to cold and heat fluctuations and lowers blood pressure. Spectrolite is another name for it.

Sapphire for Headaches and Infections

Yellow Sapphire

It aids in the removal of bad ideas and the discharge of mental stress from a person’s psyche. It is a symbol of power, strength, wisdom, and kindness. It is used to heal the entire body, relieve sleeplessness, aid in the transition of seasons, improve eyesight, and relieve headaches.

How to use healing Crystals

  • If you’re in bed, place the particular Crystal on the area of your stomach where you’re in discomfort.
  • You can also keep the gemstone in your pocket or in your bag in order to keep you away from the pain.
  • Use tumbled stones rather than raw ones, especially if you’re going to use them directly on your skin, to avoid irritation.