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Dashama Vrat 2023: Date, Time, Rituals, Celebrations and Significance

Dashama Vrat 2023: Date, Time, Rituals, Celebrations and Significance

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Dashama Vrat is devoted to Goddess Dashama and begins on the first day of Shravan month, according to Gujarat’s traditional calendar. Dashama Vrat 2023 Begins on August 17 and Ends on August 26.. It is a ten-day fast. Devotees also refer to the celebration as ‘Dashama na Naurta’ – Goddess Navratri. The ceremony is performed in order to bring riches and good fortune.

Several temples are dedicated to Dashama, and followers execute various rites throughout the 10-day period. The 10-day vrat is observed by devotees who are enduring difficulty (‘dasha’ in Gujarati) and wish to worship Goddess Dashama in order to overcome it.

Dashama Vrat 2023 Date

Begins on August 17 and Ends on August 26.

Lower socioeconomic strata mainly worship Goddess Dashama in rural Gujarat and in towns.

Dashama Vrat Rituals

Devotees conduct a partial fast and install her murti in their homes or public pandals during Dashama Vrat. On the last day of the 10-day vrat, the murti is immersed in a river. Every day, wheat and betel leaves are offered to the Goddess.

An all-night ‘jagran’ (staying awake) is observed at the end of the tenth day. The Dashama Vrat Katha will be read by those who observe the Vrat.

Dashama Vrat Significance

  • It is unbreakable. It is considered unlucky to do so. If required, you may break the fast.
  • Worshiping Dashamata in the shade of a Pimple tree is considered auspicious. In addition, the thread of adoration is wrapped around the pimple. Lord Vishnu is also honoured on this day by worshipping Pipla.
  • This vrata takes special care to maintain cleanliness. Unneeded goods in the house are also stored outside.
  • In addition, cleaning supplies such as brooms are traditionally purchased on this day.
  • It is claimed that observing Dashmata Vrata with sincerity and devotion will result in the removal of life’s sorrows and problems within a year.
  • Dashamata’s rope is worn around the neck all year. If the Dashamata wire cannot be worn all year, it can be worn on any auspicious Shukla party day in the month of Vaishakh. On that day, you should fast.