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David Yeomans Wife: Who is David Yeomans Married to?

David Yeomans Wife: Who is David Yeomans Married to?

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After 12 years with the station, Chief Meteorologist David Yeomans announced his resignation on Tuesday, February 27, according to KXAN. Additionally, KXAN Austin announced that he will be retiring from broadcasting on Wednesday, February 28.

Little is known about his private life, even though he was the top meteorologist on KXAN News. Mike McGuff’s blog states that Yeomans is married. In September of 2021, following a year of being engaged, Yeomans proposed to Izzy Wagner. The next November 19, 2022, he wed her.

Is David Yeomans Married?

David Yeomans tied the knot with Izzy Wagner on November 19, 2022, after proposing to her in September 2021. From a friendship that started in 2014, their connection flourished. A major turning point in their relationship came when Izzy said yes to David’s proposal on September 26, 2021.

Despite his prominent position as a meteorologist at KXAN, David has kept his personal life secret, thus little is known about their relationship beyond these basics. Their engagement and marriage, however, show that they are deeply committed to one another.

David Yeomans is well-known in the meteorological community for his extensive knowledge and unwavering commitment to his work. Three Emmys and certifications from prominent groups like the American Meteorological Society are just a few examples of the accolades he has received for his work.

David has always been dedicated to his work as a weather forecaster and to keeping the public informed and safe during storms. While David’s 12-year run at KXAN comes to a close, it also heralds a new chapter in his life as he pursues other opportunities.

Although David prefers to keep his private life out of the spotlight, his meteorological accomplishments and contributions have garnered widespread acclaim. He strikes a good balance between his public work and personal relationships, as shown by his marriage to Izzy Wagner, which adds another layer to his life.

Who is David Yeomans?

Respected and well-known for his many years of weather reporting, David Yeomans is a meteorologist. He was a major player at KXAN, a famous TV station in Austin, Texas, for twelve years, serving as chief meteorologist.

The public takes notice of Yeomans for more than just his work; his personal life has also garnered praise. He weds Izzy Wagner, with whom he has a profound bond that began as a relationship in 2014. Their engagement in September 2021 and subsequent marriage on November 19, 2022, marked a major turning point in their relationship.

Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Yeomans has received a slew of honors, including three Emmys for his groundbreaking work in meteorology. After finishing high school at Westlake, he started his academic career at the University of Miami. Keeping the community informed and safe during weather events has been his life’s work, and he has received much praise for it.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Yeomans’ work has far-reaching impacts. The Austin community has recognized him, and on February 28, 2024, Mayor Kirk Watson will officially proclaim the day as “David Yeomans Day” in his honor. Yeomans thanks his viewers as he says goodbye to KXAN and welcomes the prospect of fresh adventures.


One highlight of David Yeomans’s stellar meteorology career was his twelve years as chief meteorologist at KXAN-TV. His meteorological career got its start while he was a college student, when he interned at CBS4 Miami and Spectrum News in Austin, among others. His future achievements in the field were built upon the wisdom he gained from these experiences.

Yeomans solidified his competence in weather reporting after earning the famous American Meteorological Society’s Certified Broadcast Meteorologist seal, a testament to his effort and talent. He has received numerous accolades over his career, the most notable of which are three Emmys for his outstanding work in weather reporting. Groups like the Texas Associated Press Broadcasters and the Alliance for Women in Media have recognized his dedication to excellence.

Yeomen became well-known in Austin for his trustworthy weather predictions and sincere rapport with KXAN viewers throughout his time there. He was a reliable source during weather events since he could explain complicated topics in a way that everybody could understand.

In his final statement to KXAN, Yeomans thanks his audience for their support and looks forward to facing new challenges and chances in his profession. With his departure comes the close of a major chapter, but it also ushers in new and exciting opportunities.

He has been honored with three Emmy Awards

A three-time Emmy winner, David Yeomans has a fascination with the weather. The lifelong Austinite attended Westlake for his senior year of high school before transferring to the University of Miami to major in meteorology.

During the summer after his first year at Miami, he went back to Austin to intern for Jim Spencer at KXAN’s weather department. While he was a student, he interned at CBS4 Miami and Spectrum News in Austin.