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Death Note: Find Which Death Note Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type

Death Note: Find Which Death Note Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type

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Death Note is a manga series from Japan. It is a 37-episode anime series about Light Yagami, a student. He comes upon a notepad that grants him superhuman abilities to kill everyone whose name and face he recognises. Kira becomes the light’s new name, and he develops a God complex. He believes it is his responsibility to use the ‘Death Note’ to bring justice to the world.

Many philosophical issues are addressed in this anime. Over the course of the series, Death Note explores the nature of humans. Let’s see which Death Note character most accurately represents your zodiac sign!


1. Aries: Mello

Aries is a rambunctious sign. Mellow is a fierce competitor. He appears calm and cool at first, just like an Aries. He eventually lost his calm as Kira continued to get the better of him. Mello is irritable, which is a characteristic of the fire sign. Aries are noted for their drive and ambition. Mello has high, lofty ambitions and is willing to go to any length to attain them. Mello, like the majority of Aries, is impetuous and rage-driven at times.


2. Taurus: Aizawa

Taurus is a stubborn zodiac sign. They are extremely hardworking and will complete (or at least try to complete) any task assigned to them. Aizawa is a dependable detective. L enlists the help of Aizawa to figure out who Kira is. He, like most Tauruses, is a tenacious individual. Despite being fired from L’s team, he pursued his own investigation. Taurus are stubborn when it comes to their faiths and beliefs, even if they are incorrect. Because he was certain neither Light nor Misa were Kira. As a result, Light got away with being right beneath his nose.

Light Yagami

3. Gemini: Light Yagami

Throughout the series, Light Yagami has two completely different personas. As a result, viewers are unable to decide whether they like or dislike him. In the beginning, Light puts on an innocent front and acts kind and gentle. But in actuality, he is a ruthless tyrant. Because of his father, who is a police chief, he has a strong sense of justice. However, after obtaining the Death Note, he develops a deity complex, and his sense of justice is tainted. The investigators will have a difficult time catching him because of his dual personalities.


4. Cancer: Rem

Cancers are nurturing and compassionate. They are extremely caring and helpful. Rem, Misa’s shinigami, makes rash decisions because she loves her. Rem’s character is a real Cancer because of his undying love for Misa. Unfortunately, Rem’s love for Misa is too strong, and she is duped by Light into giving up her life for her.

Misa Amane

5. Leo: Misa Amane

Leos are the most popular zodiac sign. They’re usually loud and theatrical. They are the life of the party at all times. It is impossible to overlook Misa Amane, whether one likes or dislikes her. She is a model who enjoys flaunting her body and clothing. When she feels threatened, she becomes violent and jealous.

teru mikami

6. Virgo: Teru Mikami

Virgos are known for being extremely structured and possessing a strong sense of perfection. Mikami is a Virgo to the core. He follows a strict regimen throughout his life. He idolises Kira and bases his decisions on her ideas. His rigid and severe way of life makes it difficult for him to form meaningful interpersonal ties, which ultimately leads to his demise.

touta matsuda

7. Libra: Touta Matsuda

Libras are well-known for their sense of equilibrium. Touta Matsuda in Kira has a tendency to be both nice and terrible. Despite the fact that Kira’s initiatives have considerably reduced crime rates, he recognises that Kira must be stopped. Matsuda, like a Libra, has a charming and outgoing attitude.


8. Scorpio: Ryuk

Scorpios are known for their ferocious disposition. Ryuk’s demeanour is a fantastic match for the tense mood. Scorpions are also known for revealing the truth, regardless of whether or not someone is harmed in the process. The deity of death, Ryuk, discovers the truth about Light.


9. Sagittarius: Naomi

Sagittarius is a carefree sign with a highly loving personality. They are daring individuals. They are looking for a reason to live. Naomi is always on the lookout for a new cause. She set out to join Kira’s task squad after Kira assassinated her fiancé.

l lawliet

10. Capricorn: L Lawliet

Capricorns are highly strategic thinkers. As a Capricorn, L is a fantastic match. He is a strategic thinker who considers all options before making a decision. Above all, he valued logic and reasoning over all other considerations. L is usually effective in resolving his cases. He does this by hard labour, which is one of Capricorn’s positive characteristics. When he doesn’t solve a case, on the other hand, he readily falls into melancholy and becomes pessimistic. One of the disadvantages of being a Capricorn is this.


11. Aquarius: Near

Aquarius is a realistic, pragmatic, and objective zodiac sign. Aquarians have the ability to emotionally remove themselves from anything. Near is the only character in this anime series who has the capacity to separate himself from the case. As a result, he solves the case successfully. Near, like other Aquarians, has a reserved demeanour. This makes it difficult for him to convey his emotions and feelings.

kiyomi takada

12. Pisces: Kiyomi Takada

Pisces is a romantic and dreamy sign. Kiyomi Takada’s character is likewise endowed with attributes. When she becomes close to someone and develops a connection with them, she begins to fantasise about a happy future with them. Similarly, as she grows closer to Light, she begins to fantasise about their bright future together. She also has a hard time living in the real world.