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Depression in Astrology: Reasons and Remedies

Depression in Astrology: Reasons and Remedies

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Depression can be taxing on the human mind. It’s not bad or abnormal to feel low on an odd day, but depression is something that goes beyond ‘having a bad day.’ Did you know depression in astrology has a meaning too? 

‘’It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.’’ People will try to perk you up by saying something motivational, but in your heart, you know that depression is draining all the positive energy and hope that used to keep you pumping and happy. 

Depression, no doubt, is a state of mind; wherein, the individual feels isolated and it has a negative impact on one’s physical state too. 

Depression brings negative effects like lack of confidence, mood swings, anxiety, panic attacks, weight gain, insomnia, and a lot more. 

Did you know that our soul and the mind are governed/controlled by Mercury, Moon, and the Sun according to vedic astrology? Due to their improper positioning in the 8th, 6th, and the 12th houses, the natives will face unpleasant effects. 

All of our sentiments are governed by the mighty cool planet, Moon. Therefore, it should not cross paths with planets that include Rahu, Sun, Saturn, and Mars. 

We’re here to give some tips related to astrological remedies to help you cope with anxiety and depression. Depression in Astrology has been studied carefully; thus, we have done extensive research to bring accurate details for you. 

Dive in to find out everything about the symptoms of depression, reasons of depression in astrology, and depression in astrology remedies!

The Symptoms of Anxiety & Depression 

If the natives are suffering from depression, they will have frequent and sudden mood changes. 

  1. The patients will lose the sense of enjoyment and also lose weight significantly. 
  2. Weight loss, lack of sleep, or even excess sleep are all symptoms of depression.
  3. Decision-making ability goes for a toss, and the individuals might even get suicidal thoughts. 

Besides these symptoms, the individuals feel a lot of burden. They might start feeling lonely even in a crowded room. 

Depression can be caused by sudden events like death of a loved one, a break up, monetary loss, and even debt. 

Unrealistic expectations from people and getting bullied in college/school or by family members can also be a cause for depression. 

All these are social situations, but the hormones in the brain can also cause depression. It damages self-esteem and makes the person pessimistic. 

You don’t have to worry about the problems in life. There are many people who are suffering from loss and sadness, but we do understand that everyone reacts to situations differently. 

Depression is real and it needs to be treated. Sadly, medicos giving pills is not a permanent solution. Wearing crystals and following astrological remedies can help. Besides this, you can also focus on being happy and doing things that bring joy and contentment into your life. 

We will unravel the astrological remedies for depression in the next section.

Astrological Remedies for Depression 

If the Moon is placed between the baneful Rahu and Ketu (the shadow planets), the natives must consult with an astrologer. Moreover, the color of the moon is silver. So, natives should drink water in silver utensils to bring down the negative effects. 

Wearing a Moonstone can help in bringing good results. Mental instability and uneasiness of the mind can be lethal. Since Lord Shiva is related to the moon, astrologers suggest chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’ at least 108 times. Shiva Chalisa is also available, so natives must read this. 

Jal abhishek and doodh abhishek to Shivling in the morning will help the natives gain a stable mind. 

With depression astrology, natives can have a little more control over their emotions and the mind. There are different kinds of crystals that help curb the negative effects. In the next section, we will unravel the crystals for a stable and calm mind. 

5 Crystals for a Stable & Calm Mind in Depression Astrology

Happiness is intrinsic, but there are some astrological remedies that can help natives gain a stable and calm mind. Wouldn’t you want to wake up in the morning with a positive mind frame? Everyone looks forward to start their day on a positive note.

Besides keeping the phone away and starting the day with some light stretches and warm water, natives can wear crystals according to depression astrology. 

Here’s a list of the crystals that will help ease the mind. 

  1. Bronzite: This crystal helps in aligning the entire thinking process. Wearing it is one of the best depression in astrology remedies. 
  2. Pink Oval: This crystal is a healer stone. It will help in reducing anger and making way for positive thoughts. 
  3. Tiger’s eye: The crystal helps in mending emotional disconnections. Since it’s associated with the Sun and Mars, wearing a tiger’s eye gemstone can reduce the malice of these planets, bringing your emotions under control. 
  4. Amethyst: This crystal in astrology always helps in the mental cleansing process. It calms down a restless mind and starts an influx of positivity. 
  5. Yellow quartz: The crystal helps in endorsing the feeling of self-worth. The natives will be able to make better decisions in life. The feelings of self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence will also become stronger.

Concluding Thoughts:

We hope that this depression in astrology article helped you in some way. 

Talk to a loved one about your concerns and the emotions you have inside. Communicating and following astrological remedies for depression can improve the quality of your life. 

Also, wearing crystals can enhance your life significantly. These crystals have a lot of power, and so do other astrological remedies. Follow them to set free from depression and negativity.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Graha is responsible for depression?

Depression can be triggered by the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. A mental imbalance can be caused by a debilitated Moon, Mercury, or Jupiter. The Moon’s conjunction with Saturn causes a person’s thinking to become heavy.

2. Which planet is responsible for anxiety?

The degree and type of planets ailing the Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, and the fifth house are crucial in determining the severity of mental issues. If afflictions are present in all of the categories, a psychiatrist may be required. When the Moon is afflicted by the Sun, it might cause a person to lose their cool rapidly.

3. Which planet is responsible for mental illness?

The Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter are the planets most responsible for good or bad mental health. The combination of these planets can either keep a native in ideal mental health or cause mental sickness.

4. What does Hinduism say about mental health?

All ailments, whether physical or mental, have a biological, psychological, and spiritual component, according to Hindus. A Hindu patient may not consider treatments that do not address all three factors to be effective10. Mental illness and cognitive failure are stigmatised by many Hindus.