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50 Hilarious Disney Jokes For Kids and Adults

50 Hilarious Disney Jokes For Kids and Adults

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Numerous Disney productions feature characters that have been adored by audiences for decades. Children readily empathize with and even choose their favorite of these characters. The enchanted exploits of Disney characters motivate and captivate children for hours. These Disney quips will amuse children because they are relatable to them.

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Funny Disney Jokes For Kids

What did Snow White call her chicken? Egg White

How cold was it at Disney World? So cold that Donald Duck was wearing pants

How do you keep Pumba from charging you? Take away his credit cards

Why did the cookie go to see Doc McStuffins? Because it was feeling crummy

How do you ask Scar to stop being so mean? Be a bit more Simbathetic!

Which Disney princess makes the best judge? Snow White; she’s the fairest of them all

What happened the first time Mickey and Minnie saw each other? It was glove at first sight.

Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer? Because she always runs away from the ball and has a pumpkin for a coach

Why are there no planes where Peter Pan lives? Because there is a sign that says, “Never Neverland.”

Why is Cinderella terrible at netball? Because she always runs away from the ball

Why would you not want to be one of Snow White’s dwarfs? 6 out of 7 of them aren’t Happy

What did the rapper Lil Jon say when he visited Disneyland? Turn down for Walt

Why does Alice ask so many questions? Because she’s in Wonderland

Why is Peter Pan flying all the time? He Neverlands

How does Mickey feel when Minnie is mad at him? Mouserable

What kind of car does Mickey Mouse’s wife drive? A Minnie van

What did Mickey Mouse say when he crashed his car? Disney matter

What did Nala say to Simba during the stampede? “Move fasta” (Mufasa)

What is Captain Jack Sparrow’s favorite restaurant? Arrrgh-by’s

What is Mickey Mouse’s favorite sport? Minnie-golf

Why does Jessie say she’s undefeated at darts? Because she always gets Bullseye!

Who is Thor’s favorite rapper? MC Hammer

What’s the Cheshire Cat’s favorite drink? Evaporated Milk

Which chocolate bars are Buzz Lightyear’s favorite? Mars bars and milky ways

What’s Peter Pan’s favorite restaurant? Wendy’s

Why did Ariel throw peanut butter into the ocean? To go with the jellyfish

What does Frosty’s wife put on her face at night? Cold cream

Why did Goofy stare at the label on the orange juice all day? Because the carton said “concentrate”

Why didn’t Anna and Elsa’s parents teach them all the letters of the alphabet? Because they got lost at C!

How does the ocean say hello to Ariel? It waves

Why did Mickey Mouse get hit with a snowball? Because Donald ducked

How did Minnie save Mickey from drowning? Mouse to mouse resuscitation

Why was the wrong Disney princess arrested? The police thought she was someone Elsa…

Why did Sleepy go to bed in the fireplace? He wanted to sleep like a log.

What does Daisy Duck say when she buys lipstick? Put it on my bill

What Disney character can count the highest? Buzz Lightyear – he can count to infinity and beyond

Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut? He wanted to visit Pluto.

Why was Woody fed up with Hamm? Because Hamm was being a bore

Why is Halle Bailey the perfect Ariel? Because she’s cute as shell

How does Disney World get a tissue to dance? They put a little Oogie Boogie in it.

Why is Gaston the most peaceful Disney villain? Because he won the No-Belle Prize

What did Captain Hook’s sidekick say to Adele? Hello, it’s Smee!

Disney finally released Yoda’s last name. His full name is: Yoda Lay-Heehoo

What did the town sing when the Beast and Belle broke up? Single Belle, Single Belle, single all the way

What’s Mickey Mouses’ favorite treat? Mice cream

Why wouldn’t you want to be one of Snow White’s dwarfs? 6 out of 7 of them aren’t Happy.

What did the 101 Dalmatian puppies say after their meal? That really hit the spot!

Why was the wrong Disney princess arrested? They thought she was someone Elsa.

Why is Cinderella so bad at soccer? She runs away from the ball, and her coach is a pumpkin.

What kind of car does Luke Skywalker drive? A Toy-Yoda

How did the Cheshire cat get so wise? He always reads the mews.