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75 Popular Dominican Names For Girls With Meaning

75 Popular Dominican Names For Girls With Meaning

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Do you need names for a baby girl? If so, consider some Dominican options. A sweet, uncomplicated name is what every parent dreams of for their new little bundle of joy. Since she will live with her name forever, it should have a meaningful, good connotation. Giving your child a lovely name is one of the most thoughtful things you can do. Here is a list of 75 baby girl names from the Dominican Republic:

Pretty Dominican Baby Girl Names

Ilonka – “Torch”

Patricia – “Aristocrat”

Yaritza – “water”

Lucely – “light”

Joanka – “God is really with us”

Nicolet – “People of victory”

Liz – “God has sworn”

Irene – “Peace”

Emma – “whole and universal”

Shanell – “gift of Yahweh”

Herminia – “lady of earth”

Emma – “universal whole”

Eimy – “loved”

Reiny – “Advice, counsel”

Ilonka – “Torch”

Valentina – “healthy and strong”

Shantel – “Vocals, windy place”

Awilda – “Untamed, wild”

Geovana – “Gift from God”

Raina – “peaceful and queen”

Dilania – “Sea”

Samantha – “Listen”

Madelyn – “Tower”

Yanna – “Gods grace”

Joanka – “God is really with us”

Yanna – “God is gracious”

Grissel – “A gray haired woman”

Rayneli – “counselor”

Geraldine – “spear”

Ruth – “Esther”

Arianna – “very holy”

Anny – “Prayer”

Charina – “grace”

Catalina – “Pure”

Katherine – “Pure”

Amayah – “night rain”

Alaysha – “noble one”

Camila – “young ceremonial attendant”

Hillary – “cheerful”

Arlette – “manly”

Isa – “God has sworn, or ice / iron”

Kemena – “strong”

Nachelle – “Powerful woman”

Kamila – “Perfect”

Ilonka – “light”

Salma – “peace and safety”

Lucely – “light”

Daria – “wealthy”

Medelin – “A place name”

Libni – “white whiteness”

Stephany – “Crowned”

Amelia – “hard working and fertile”

Heidy – “noble”

Iolani – “to fly like a hawk”

Sindy – “Moon”

Dorcas – “a gazelle”

Natalie – “birthday”

Aury – “Gold”

Doralis – “Gift”

Denisa – “Dionysus”

Sophia – “She who posesses great knoledge and wisdom”

Madre – “mother”

Sindy – “Mount Kynthos”

Doralis – “gift”

Samantha – “The God has heard”

Yulissa – “A beautiful”

Jacinta – “purple”

Grissel – “A gray haired woman”

Monique – “advisor”

Valentina – “Strong, vigourous, healthy”

Aury – “Gold”

Yari – “Water lady”

Siara – “pure holy”

Liosha – “defender of mankind”

Adelyn – “Woman Of Magdala”

Nallely – “Heaven `s calm”

Sancha – “Holy”