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Donald Sutherland Net Worth 2024: Know His Age, Height, and Wife

Donald Sutherland Net Worth 2024: Know His Age, Height, and Wife

There has never been an actor like Donald Sutherland in the annals of film. Over the course of his six-decade career, he left an indelible impression on audiences everywhere with his performances. Sadly, the renowned figure had just died away.

Here is the wealth of the Hunger Games actor as an homage and memento.

One Canadian actor who amassed a fortune of $60 million was Donald Sutherland. Donald Sutherland had a successful career that lasted for more than 60 years. In the ’60s and ’70s, he became famous for his parts in blockbuster films including “The Dirty Dozen,” “MAS*H,” and “Kelly’s Heroes.” From horror (“Don’t Look Now”) and thriller (“Klute”) to science fiction (“Invasion of the Body Snatchers”), Sutherland’s versatility enabled him to shine in a variety of genres.

He kept playing a wide variety of parts in films throughout the aughts and into the aughts, including “JFK,” “Pride & Prejudice,” while “The Italian Job.” By playing President Snow in the “The Hunger Games” films, Sutherland was able to capture the hearts of younger viewers later in his career. His television work was as successful; he was a regular on “Commander in Chief” and “Trust.” Also, Donald is well-known for being the dad of three famous actors: Kiefer Sutherland, Rossif Sutherland, and Angus Sutherland.

A native of Saint John, New Brunswick, Donald McNichol Sutherland came into this world on July 17, 1935. As a young child, Donald, who was born into a British family, battled several illnesses, including polio, rheumatic fever, and hepatitis. Before landing his first job as a news correspondent when he was fourteen years old, he spent his adolescence in Bridgewater.

Sutherland enrolled at Toronto’s Victoria University after finishing high school. While at university, Donald met the woman who would become his wife and earned degrees in engineering and theater. Donald was never certain whether he wanted to be an engineer or an actor, even after finishing college. In 1957, he finally decided on the second option and departed for England. His next stop was the London Academy of Dramatic Art and Music. Following his graduation, Sutherland performed for more than a year at Scotland’s Perth Repertory Theatre.

In the mid-1960s, Donald started his career slowly, playing bit parts in British TV shows. In 1964, he made his big screen debut in “Castle of the Living Dead.” After that, he was in 1965’s “The Bedford Incident” and went on to guest star in shows including “Gideon’s Way” and “The Saint.”

In 1967, Sutherland landed a major role in the iconic war film “The Dirty Dozen.” Along with Donald, the film’s star-studded ensemble included Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson, and it was a financial triumph. After this run of success, Sutherland decided to leave London for America to further his career.

Following his success in Hollywood, Donald went on to feature in films such as “Start the Revolution Without Me,” “Klute,” and “Steelyard Blues.” Ronald began to gain prominence in the 1970s as a leading man in films such as “Don’t Look Now,” “The Eagle Has Landed,” and “Eye of the Needle.” The next year, in 1978, he co-starred with Jeff Goldblum in the film “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

At the same time, Donald was becoming a household figure in the television industry; he was instrumental in the introduction of the Canadian series “Witness to Yesterday.” As 1978 came to a close, Sutherland had an appearance in “National Lampoon’s Animal House” portraying a professor who smoked marijuana. One of Donald’s most famous film roles was in 1980’s “Ordinary People.”

Notable films that Sutherland appeared in over the following few years were “A Dry White Season,” “Lock Up,” “Backdraft,” and “Six Degrees of Separation.” Among his most famous 1990s films was “JFK,” in which he portrayed an enigmatic intelligence officer. He had a starring part in “Disclosure” in 1994, after making an appearance in 1992’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Afterwards, he co-starred with his son Kiefer in the movie “A Time to Kill.”

This decade saw Sutherland’s appearances in films such as “Cold Mountain,” “The Italian Job,” “Commander in Chief,” “Pride & Prejudice,” and “Fool’ Gold.” Sutherland made her film debut in 2012’s “The Hunger Games” as President Snow. He went on to star in four more sequels to the picture, during which he became famous to the general public for his performance.

A total of five children were born to Donald from his three marriages. He wed Lois Hardwick, his first wife, in 1959. Sutherland wed Shirley Douglas, daughter of a famous Canadian politician, in 1966, the same year they divorced. Rachel and Kiefer, a set of twins, were born to Donald and Shirley in 1966. In 1970, they divorced. Francine Racette, a French Canadian actress, was his third and last wife, and they were married in 1972.

Together, they produced three sons. All four of Sutherland’s boys were named after directors by him. As an example, Warren Kiefer, who directed Sutherland’s debut feature, “Castle of the Living Dead,” using the alias Lorenzo Sabatini, is the inspiration for the name Kiefer. Another accomplished actor, Sarah Sutherland is the daughter of Kiefer and Kiefer’s character on “Veep.” She is most recognized for her role as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s daughter.

Donald Sutherland has a stunning set of hazel eyes and stands at 6’4″ (1.93 m) tall. He often plays powerful characters in Hollywood films, thanks to his tall stature, which has served him well in his acting career.