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Dragon Ball: Find Which Dragon Ball Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type

Dragon Ball: Find Which Dragon Ball Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Type

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The Dragon Ball franchise is a well-known Japanese media franchise. The protagonist Goku’s travels are depicted throughout the series. Goku engages in martial arts training. Bulma, a teen girl, asks him to accompany her on her quest to discover the realm of the seven orbs known as the Dragon Ball. Along the way, Goku learns about his extraterrestrial heritage and battles adversaries who are after the Dragon Ball.

Since its release, Dragon Ball has become one of the most popular manga and anime series. People like the story’s art, characterisation, and humour. The characters in Dragon Ball are based on fiction and fantasy, and they have a variety of characteristics. Let’s see which Dragon Ball character you are based on your zodiac sign!


1. Aries: Vegeta

Aries is a fast-paced, competitive sign. Vegeta, the Prince of all Saiyans, lived a life of continual strife. Vegeta is always striving to be the best, which is a characteristic of Aries. In competition, a true Saiyan warrior strives to be the fastest and best. Aries is notorious for being self-centered above all else. Similarly, Vegeta behaves courageously solely for his own benefit.


2. Taurus: Goku

Taurus is attracted to fine and beautiful things and is frequently surrounded by worldly pleasures. Goku has a well-known fondness for food. Taurus is the most responsible and trustworthy zodiac sign. Goku possesses all of these attributes, making him the ideal Taurus.


3. Gemini: Bulma

Geminis are well-known for having dual personalities. Bulma has a volatile personality as well. She has the ability to be both tomboyish and feminine at the same time. Furthermore, Geminis are prone to being restless and irritable. Bulma, likewise, is easily terrified and enraged by everyone. A Gemini is sociable, chatty, and always up for a good time. Bulma is usually helpful and friendly to others. She is a clever and easygoing person. As a result, she is a real Gemini.


4. Cancer: Krillin

Cancer is a highly emotional and sensitive disease. They are devoted to their house. Krillin was a jealous and egotistical individual who didn’t follow the rules at first. He becomes Goku’s best friend later in the series. After that, he develops the kind-hearted and generous personality of a Cancer. Krillin is also careful and loving, often attempting to keep his friends and family safe. Above all, his commitment is unwavering. These are all characteristics associated with Cancer.


5. Leo: Yamcha

Leos are the monarchs and are extremely aggressive. They are fearless, and they enjoy bragging about their wealth. Furthermore, they enjoy displaying their empire. Yamcha, likewise, is a formidable warrior who despises nothing more than conversing with ladies. Above all, Leos are fiercely protective of those they care about. Yamcha is a compassionate and considerate protector of the individuals he guards. Leos strive to be the greatest at everything they do. Yamcha, too, aspires to be the best. Yamcha is a real Leo because of these characteristics.


6. Virgo: Gohan

Virgos are shy and devoted. Gohan is a shy, studious youngster. Virgos also dislike being the centre of attention. Similarly, Gohan despises the fame and attention that comes with his heroic abilities. He desires to remain anonymous. Virgos are perfectionists first and foremost. Gohan is a Virgo who is always working hard and looking for ways to improve.

master roshi

7. Libra: Master Roshi

Libras are charismatic and charming, to begin with. Master Roshi, likewise, is extremely charming and fancies himself to be the perfect stud. Libras are also gregarious and cooperative. Roshi genuinely cares about his students and is committed to their education. Finally, Libras appreciate the finer things in life. They take advantage of every opportunity. Roshi, on the other hand, enjoys pizza, reading, watching TV, surfing the internet, and playing video games.

Android 18

8. Scorpio: Android 18

Scorpios have a ferocious temperament and a strong attitude. These qualities appear frequently in Android 18. She is calm, self-assured, and caustic. Scorpios are also passionate and inquisitive persons. Similarly, if Android 18 is interested in something, she is quite curious. Above all, 18 is devoted and loyal to her family and friends. She also has a sexual quality to her, which is a Scorpio feature.

Android 16

9. Sagittarius: Android 16

Sagittarius is one of the zodiac signs that travels the most. Android 16 is enthralled by his surroundings. He looks for the meaning of life all throughout the world. He also values nature and people, making him an ideal Sagittarius. Clingy persons are also disliked by Sagittarius. In the same way, Android 16 may maintain his chilly and distant demeanour toward Goku.


10. Capricorn: Piccolo

Capricorn is one of the zodiac signs that is most serious. They have mastered the art of self-control. Piccolo is an excellent Capricorn. Piccolo has a serious expression on his face. In the north, he meditates in peaceful locations and drinks thawed ice water. This aids in the development of self-control. He is also dependable, reserved, and hardworking, all of which are Capricorn characteristics.


11. Aquarius: Trunks

Aquarius is a strange sign with a mysterious personality. Trunks is portrayed as cocky and stingy, but he is also playful. As a result, he has an odd demeanour. Above all, Aquarius is known for being the time’s revolutionaries. Trunks thrives on being the catalyst for change in the imperilled timeline.


12. Pisces: Kami

Pisces are known for their friendliness and selflessness. They are constantly willing to lend a helping hand to others. Kami, also known as Nameless Namekian, is the Earth’s Guardian. He has a very pleasant demeanour. With his unselfish attitude, he preserves the Earth, making him a true Pisces. Pisces also enjoys being alone. Throughout the series, it is shown that Kami dislikes visitors and prefers to be alone.