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7 Effective Astrological Tips to Strengthen a Marriage

7 Effective Astrological Tips to Strengthen a Marriage

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Everyone in this world has a lot of expectations from their marriage. When two people enter matrimony, they are like the two wheels of a bicycle. Both the wheels have to bear an equal amount of weight in the relationship. Only then the wedding is a happy one. As dreamy and easy as it sounds, not many marriages are so blissful. Indeed made in heaven, but there are many stars, constellations, planets, and nakshatras that affect the bond that couples share. Talking in terms of celestial astrology, the 7th house is the house for marriage and it’s ruling planet is the planet, Venus. If Venus isn’t strong in the birth chart or an enemy planet of Venus is sitting in the 7th house, the marriage hits the rocks. Having said that, we have made a list of 7 amazing astrological tips to strengthen marriage so that you can share exemplary chemistry with your partner.

Astrological Tips for Women to Strengthen Marriage

Whether your husband is someone who has a temper problem or communication between the two of you is not proper, the following astrological tips to strengthen marriage will definitely help.

  1. Pleasing the Lord Sun

Take water in a copper vessel and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Wake up every morning to offer this Holy water to the sun. It pleases Surya Deva and he blesses the wedding bond you share with your husband.

Chanting the mantra, Om Devendrani Namastubhyam Devendrapriya Bhamini ? Vivaaham Bhagyamaarogyam Sheeghralabham Cha Dehi Me?, will protect your marriage from evil spirits and negative energies.

  1. Pleasing the Lord Vishnu

Offering your prayers to Lord Vishnu every morning after taking a bath is yet another powerful astrological tip to strengthen marriage.

  1. Offer holy water (gangaajal) to the statue of Lord Vishnu.
  2. Chant the Vishnu Sahasranama mantra every day. If it’s too long for you, you can also chant the mantra, Om Namo Bhagavate Vāsudevāya.


  3. Reciting the 1008 Mantra of Goddess Saraswati

Take a Cowrie shell and purify it by reciting the 1008 mantras to please goddess saraswati. It helps in nullifying the Vanni Dosha and maintains peace and prosperity in a marriage.

Astrological Tips for Men to Strengthen Marriage


  1. Pleasing Lord Shiva

If your wife has trust issues and that’s the reason behind the tension in your relationship, then, pleasing Lord Shiva is one of the best Astrological Tips to Strengthen Marriage

Different Vidhis that You Can Perform

  1. Wear a white sandalwood tilak on your forehead from morning till evening.
  2. Chant the Mantra, Om Namah Shivay 108 times everyday.
  3. Offer water, Bel patra, and milk to the shivalinga in a temple.
  4. Reciting the Maha Mrityun Jaya Jap also appeases Lord Shiva.


  5. Please the Planet Venus

We have already mentioned that Venus is the Lord of the 7th House that is also the house of marriage. If Venus is strong in your birth chart, your marriage will automatically be bliss. But, if weak, you’ll have frequent fights with your spouse.

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Here are a few ways to Please and Pacify the Planet Venus

  1. Making donations can pacify and reduce the malice of Planet Venus.
  2. Offer your prayers to goddess Lakshmi.
  3. Reciting the Shukra Mantra is one of the most effective astrological tips to strengthen Venus.


Alternate Astrological Tips to Strengthen Marriage


  1. Astrological Remedies to Strengthen Frail Marriages

It is very important that husband and wife respect each other. As long as the two are not cordial, the marriage will never become stable. Here’s one astrological tip to strengthen a frail marriage. Wear a 3-5 carat diamond ring on the ring finger of the working hand. A diamond of high quality can wipe out negative energies from the house.

  1. Wearing Gemstones for Marriage Problems

Gemstones have a very sacred place when it comes to mending broken relationships. These stones have such amazing powers that they can calm down a lot of planets that might be affecting your marriage in a negative way.

Have a look at the list and decide which of the below-listed gemstones is most suitable for a marriage problem that you’re facing.

  1. Rose quartz that’s also known as the Love Stone harbors trust and love.
  2. Manik stone, also known as Ruby is a passion stone. So, if your marriage lacks physical intimacy, then this is the right stone for you.
  3. Chandrakant Mani, also known as the moonstone, is a very rare gemstone. This stone is best for temperamental people. If anger and aggression are the reasons that your marriage is estranged, then moonstone is the right gemstone for you.
  4. Yellow sapphire, also known as pukhraj is the stone that represents the planet Jupiter. Wearing Yellow Sapphire blesses couples with children. So, if you’re having trouble in having children and that’s affecting your marriage, then Pukhraj is the right gemstone for you.
  5. Opal stone is the stone that represents planet Venus. If insecurity is the problem in your marriage, then opal stone reduces restlessness and establishes trust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can astrology really strengthen a marriage?

Yes. Since planets and stars are the celestial bodies that affect a marriage, there’s nothing better than astrological tips to strengthen marriage.

2.Which Planet is responsible for marriage problems?

Venus is the planet that rules the house of marriage – the 7th house. If it’s weak in a horoscope, it affects a marriage negatively.

3. Which God should I worship for marriage?

Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati bring harmony in a marriage.

4. How can I fix my marriage?

Visit an astrology and get your date of birth chart read. If any Dosha is causing a problem in the marriage, there are many remedies for it.

5. Which gemstone controls aggression in marriage?

Moonstone is the best gemstone to reduce aggression in a marriage.

6.Which gemstone is best for love in a marriage?

Rose quartz is the gemstone that brings love in a relationship. It will help you feel emotionally connected with your spouse.