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Elephant Statue in Home According Vastu: Bring Wealth, Love and Happiness

Elephant Statue in Home According Vastu: Bring Wealth, Love and Happiness

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Elephants are well-represented in Vastu, astrology, and the Lal Kitab. In fact, the elephant is described as auspicious in everything from books to the Puranas. Elephants represent power, endurance, courage, tranquilly, love, and protection. Keeping an elephant figure in the house is auspicious, according to Hindu texts and writings, Feng Shui, and Vastu Shastra.

According to Vastu, an elephant statue placed in the appropriate direction and in the right area provides good luck, happiness, and protection. Because they eliminate difficulties and obstructions, the elephant statue is associated with Lord Ganesha and Gautama Buddha. Today, we’ll discuss five advantages of having an elephant statue in your home.

What Are the Benefits of Elephant Statues at Home?

Elephants are both gorgeous and sacred creatures. Elephants have been considered auspicious and holy since Vedic times, and hence elephants are pictured serving Lordess Lakshmi. Lord Ganesha and Gautama Buddha are also associated with the elephant statue.

It’s a good idea to have an elephant statue in your home according to Vastu and feng shui principles. The elephant statue’s colour, position, and orientation are all important, and they can be positioned according to your demands and difficulties. Elephant statues or paintings in the home have a positive effect on all parts of life.

What Are the Advantages of Different Elephant Statue Colors?

Elephant statues come in a variety of colours, each of which has its own set of advantages, as mentioned below.

Red Elephant Statue for Home Vastu

The presence of a red elephant statue or artwork in your home will bring you fame, wealth, and respect. Keep the elephant statue in the south direction of your home for personal fame and success.

Silver Elephant Statue for Home Vastu

A silver elephant is auspicious and brings good fortune. It gives your home and business a lot of riches and elegance. Keeping a silver elephant draped in a scarlet fabric in your safe will bring you plenty of money and fortune.

Elephant Pair Statue for Home Vastu

A couple of elephants in a statue, painting, or miniature will bring your family together. Any colour, but as a pair, will bring harmony and affection into a partnership. The elephants should be positioned in your bedroom with their backs to the north.

Brass Elephant Statue for Home Vastu

Having a brass elephant at your home or office will help you achieve success in both your personal and professional lives. To bring faith, love, and intellect into your life, hang it in your bedroom and office.

It is stated that a brass elephant or a large picture of an elephant should be kept in the bedroom since this eliminates the disparities between the husband and wife. The brass elephant, for example, should be kept in the conference room as a symbol of peace and wealth. Furthermore, it strives to ensure success in all aspects of life.

Tips For Placing an Elephant Idol Vastu in Your Home

  • The elephant statues should not be placed directly across the window or entrance doors.
  • Elephant statues should not be placed near or facing the restroom or washroom.
  • Place the Ganapathi idol away from or in front of the washroom.
  • Elephant sculptures should face the inside of the room at all times. This implies that you are infusing your home with love and positive energy.
  • Place the elephant away from the entrance. As a result, any positive energy will be repelled from entering your home.
  • For Vastu, choose the colour of the elephant statue based on the energy you want to bring into your home.
  • To assist your children in achieving academic achievement, place an elephant statue in their room.
  • Couples who desire to start a family can benefit from a statue of seven elephants.
  • Keep the number of elephant statues or artwork depicting them as agitated or furious to a bare minimum.
  • To attract money and fortune, keep the silver elephant in your locker or safe. A locket made of silver elephants can also be worn.
  • In your child’s room, keep a happy and serene elephant statue.
  • According to the Lal Kitab, having a solid silver elephant in the house or in one’s pocket is beneficial. It will, in reality, fill Rahu in the fifth and the Dodecesh if it is kept.
  • It is said that having a silver elephant on the north side of the house will bring you grandeur.
  • Keeping an elephant’s portrait or idol in the house, according to Fengshui, attracts favourable energy as well as money. It is also suggested that an elephant portrait or statue be placed in the living space. In fact, doing so promotes domestic tranquilly. Furthermore, if the elephant’s trunk is raised upwards, it progresses, increasing riches and property.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should elephant statue be placed at home?

Elephant showpieces should be put near the front door or main entry of the house or office, according to Vastu and Feng Shui. The The optimum direction for an elephant statue to be kept is facing north to attract good luck and positive energies.

2. Are elephant statues good luck?

An elephant is a sign of good fortune, power, wisdom, and fertility in many civilizations. Decorating goes beyond surface-level aesthetics since feng shui is thoughtful about the placement of items in the home.

3. What does an elephant symbolize?

Elephants are symbols of power and good fortune. They are also supposed to enhance spiritual wellbeing in our daily lives by symbolising health and happiness. Elephants are powerful and caring creatures who are devoted to their families and fiercely protective.

4. Should an elephant face the window?

Place an elephant or a pair of elephant statues at your front door to welcome in the good fortune. If your property has a spacious entrance, you can purchase large pieces. Make sure they’re facing inwards while you’re putting them up for best results.

5. Which animal statue is good for home?

One of the most famous Vastu for home tips is to place a Buddha statue at the front door, which protects you from negativity.