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Is Emerald a Lucky Gemstone for Taurus? How does it help?

Is Emerald a Lucky Gemstone for Taurus? How does it help?

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Gemstones have the power to heal a person emotionally and spiritually. But, the question is: how do you decide which gemstone is correct for you? Well, to put it out simply, your lucky gemstone is usually your birthstone. If you’re a Taurus person, it’s Emerald that’s a Taurus birthstone

Emerald is the lucky gemstone for Taurus because it’s the gemstone of Venus, and Venus is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign, Taurus. Want to explore the many benefits of lucky gemstones for Taurus men and women? If yes, this in-depth post will be a delightful, insightful read. 

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Lucky Gemstone for Taurus: How Does it help?

Emerald, that’s the stone for Venus, is Taurus Birthstone. The crystalline nature, as well as the colour and carat-value of Emerald, helps channelize the excellence of Taurus. 

The many ways in which an Emerald can help people with the Taurus zodiac sign and Taurus ascendant sign are as follows. 

  • Emerald has the power to invigorate the blessings of Venus
  • When strong, Venus blesses its natives with luck and love, both. 
  • Being a lucky gemstone for Taurus, an energized Emerald stone helps in getting promotions at work
  • Not only does the career of the natives see a definite growth curve, but even the personal relationships also improve

When a Taurus man or Taurus women wear an energized Emerald stone, the healing rays from the gemstone cure many diseases. They also bring love to the life of the natives

Lucky Gemstone for Taurus Men

Emerald is the first contender for a lucky gemstone for Taurus-borns. But, there are other options too, such as:

  • Agate
  • Sapphire
  • Garnet
  • Diamond 

These gemstones have similar effects on the natives as an energized Emerald stone has. 

Lucky Gemstone for Taurus Women 

Undoubtedly, emerald is the luckiest gemstone for Taurus women. In fact, it is also a lucky gemstone for Taurus ascendant individuals. 

Besides Emerald, Taurus women can also count on the below-mentioned gemstones:

  • Amber
  • Turquoise
  • Coral
  • Rose quartz
  • Diamond
  • Sapphire

Wearing any of the aforementioned gemstones can keep Taurus women safe from evil eyes. They will also ward off negativity and offer personal growth in terms of spirituality. 

Lucky Gemstone for Taurus Ascendant and Taurus Moon Sign

Emerald, again, steals the cake. But, the options aren’t curtailed to this specific Taurus birthstone. Diamond, when worn in a certain way, also works as a lucky gemstone for the Taurus moon sign and ascendant sign. 

  • The diamond should be at least 1 carat. 
  • The diamond gemstone should be fitted in either a gold band or a silver band. 

In order to energize the diamond for luck and wealth, wear it on the middle finger of your working hand while chanting the Venus Beej Mantra, “Om Dram Drim Draum Sah Shukraya Namah”.

Top 5 benefits of wearing Emerald gemstone as a lucky gemstone for Taurus

Whether you’re a Taurus man or woman or your Moon sign or ascendant sign is Taurus, the Emerald gemstone will offer the following five benefits. 

It cures many diseases 

When an energized Emerald is worn as a Taurus birthstone, it is known to cure eye disorders. The health benefits also extend to treating many spine-related diseases

Emerald, according to medical astrology and Vedic astrology, can also treat infertility and bless the natives with healthy children. 

Did you know that a Taurus birthstone can also bring so much positivity to the life of natives that it heals mental issues such as depression and anxiety? 

So, if you happen to be a Taurean with restlessness and you’re very impulsive, an energized Emerald will definitely help you see the good things and make you peaceful and happy

It puts an end to bad luck  

When a Taurus native has the blessings of Venus, it puts an end to a long spree of bad luck. Since emerald is quite effective in blessing the natives with the positivity from Venus, it brings fortune and luck

It offers emotional healing 

A Taurus birthstone makes its natives quite positive in life. If you’ve been hurt a lot in life and you don’t have peace of mind, and Emerald will be very helpful in sorting your mind. 

  • All your positive energy will be channelized in such a way that you’ll be able to see past earthly pleasures too. 
  • It will make you spiritual and bring you closer to God

It protects from negative energies

A lucky gemstone for Taurus keeps evil eyes and negative energies away from the wearer. The powers of Venus destroy negativity from not just the surroundings of the natives, but from within. 

The overall personality of the wearer becomes positive and charismatic. It naturally draws positive energy and attracts happy people towards the native.  

It brings wealth 

Venus is a planet of not just luck, it’s also the planet of luxury and fine things. When you wear a Taurus birthstone such as Emerald, you’re basically making your Venus strong. As a result, Venus will bless the natives with the following things. 

  1. The natives will own many properties and there will be an abundance of money. 
  2. The natives will own many luxury vehicles and possess the finest clothes that’ll put anybody to shame. 

The entire lifestyle will be kingly. You’ll also get promotions that earlier seemed impossible to get. 

How to energize Emerald, a lucky gemstone for Taurus?

Throughout, we’ve been mentioning the word ‘energized Emerald’. Without energizing, a gemstone is nothing but a piece of fashion jewellery. 

If you want to seek the blessings of Venus, you have to first energize Emerald in the following ways. 

  • Buy a high-carat (3 carats or more) emerald. A low-carat stone will not offer astrological benefits. The clearer and purer the stone, the better it is. 
  • Make sure that the stone is fitted in a gold band that’s at least 18 carats.  
  • Place the ring on a clean cloth, and offer prayers to Venus as well as planet Mercury. 
  • Chant the mantra ‘Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhaya Namah’ while wearing the ring. 
  • Wear the ring on the little finger of your working hand. 

Concluding Thoughts

It’s important to energize Emerald or any other lucky gemstone for Taurus that you might be wearing on the advice of an expert astrologer. 

A lucky gemstone for Taurus will always protect the natives from evil eyes and bring lots of luck and fortune.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which gemstone is good for Taurus?

As the decision planet of this zodiac sign is Venus, the lucky birthstone of Taurus natives is emerald. This auspicious stone has the ability to influence the Taurus natives’ entire personality and life, allowing them to modify their energy for the betterment of all aspects of their lives.

2. Why is emerald good for Taurus?

Emeralds are supposed to provide serenity and prosperity to the wearer, qualities that will complement a Taurus’ strong-willed and confrontational personality while also supporting a good, balanced connection with their passions.

3. In which finger should emerald be worn?

Emerald is said to give its user the greatest advantage when worn on the little finger, specifically the right hand’s little finger. The Emerald stone can also be worn on the little finger of the left hand by women. Kanishka is the Sanskrit name for the little finger.

4. What are the benefits of emerald Stone?

It develops a person’s reasoning ability and arithmetic skills. Wearing emerald enhances the intellectual capacity of a person. It develops a person’s reasoning ability and arithmetic skills. Emerald is considered to have qualities of the planet Mercury and is believed to be its representation.