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Everleigh LaBrant Age: Know Her Height, Career, Family & Net Worth

Everleigh LaBrant Age: Know Her Height, Career, Family & Net Worth

A competitive dancer, Instagram sensation, and YouTube sensation, Everleigh LaBrant is from the United States. Her mother manages her Instagram account, which is how she became famous. In the year 2023, Everleigh was named America’s Favorite Dancer 17 & Under. Everleigh LaBrant’s age, please?

How Old is Everleigh LaBrant?

As of February 2024, the YouTuber will have turned eleven years old. For what year was Everleigh LaBrant born? On December 14, 2012, she entered this world. Her horoscope reads Sagittarius. Savannah LaBrant and Tommy Smith welcomed their daughter, Everleigh Rose Smith-Soutas, into the world in Orange County, California. She identifies as Caucasian and is a citizen of the United States.

The parents of Everleigh Rose Smith Soutas co-parented their daughter after they divorced when she was young. In 2018, social media star Cole LaBrant wed LaBrant’s mother, who is a photographer and fashion blogger.

Posie, Zealand, and Sunday LaBrant are the three step-siblings of Everleigh. The developer of the content is reportedly homeschooled, as stated in a video on Labrant’s family channel. Back in fourth grade, she began her journey of homeschooling. Two days a week, she is also a part of a hybrid program.


Everleigh Soutas has had it good from the start, unlike most famous people who climb the corporate ladder. She began modeling alongside her mom when she was just 9 months old, and her pictures have since taken over the internet. With her best friend Ava Foley by her side, Everleigh has been all eyes and ears on camera.

According to her mother, Everleigh is quite the style icon, and it’s no wonder why: she loves to dress to impress. She enjoys putting on her most beautiful clothes. She enjoys posing for the camera and is quite honest and forthright when she’s on camera.

Everleigh has made quite an impression in the online world with her photos and videos, considering how young she is. She was featured in a Kardashian Kids campaign and has made an appearance in Vogue Australia. She has over a million followers on Instagram, thanks to the account she shares with Ava Foley, @ForEverAndForAva.

Everleigh LaBrant’s Height, and Weight

Standing at 119 centimeters (or 3 feet 11 inches), she is rather tall. At about 26 kilograms (57 pounds), she is quite heavy.

What Happened to Everleigh LaBrant?

In 2022, Savannah’s biological father, Thomas Walter Smith, also known as Tommy, passed away. On September 14th, she broke the news on her Instagram post and begged for quiet so that she and her family may grieve. Tommy passed away at the age of 29.