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Expecting a Sexual Encounter on the First Date? Avoid These Mistakes

Expecting a Sexual Encounter on the First Date? Avoid These Mistakes

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Not every relationship in the twenty-first-century trends toward commitment and a lifelong relationship. People are occasionally looking for a short-term meaningful connection, or they are not in the mood for a long-term commitment.

While some individuals engage in casual dating, others have a friends-with-benefits relationship. So, if you have an upcoming casual date, here is a quick guide on what not to do on a first date if you’re hoping for a sexual encounter:-

1. Avoid talking too much about Your Profession

When you meet someone for the first time, they are attempting to form an initial opinion and evaluation of you. Therefore, you do not want to appear like a workaholic. Neither should your full life story be shared. If they grant you a second date, save these details for then.

2. Don’t mention your Ex

This is an instant mood-killer that can drive your date far away, as they may believe you are using them as a rebound. In addition, they may assume that you are still smitten with your ex-lover and emotionally unavailable, which could be off-putting.

3.  Do not serve them Alcohol

Alcohol is known to lower your inhibitions, so a lot of people tend to keep the wine coming and let the drinks flow freely, to make the partner loosen up. However, this could have disastrous consequences if your partner is not in the correct frame of mind to make a deliberate decision about becoming intimate with you. You must check they are of sound mind before receiving their consent for intimacy

4. Do not force them to become Intimate

Even if you have romantic intentions, you cannot force someone to engage in physical intimacy with you. Ensure that you establish an environment where your partner feels comfortable enough to share their thoughts with you.