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Fate Line Palmistry: How to Decipher the Meaning of Fate Line?

Fate Line Palmistry: How to Decipher the Meaning of Fate Line?

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If you’ve often found yourself wondering whether or not your hands can really tell you about your future, then be aware that astrology does have a branch named fate line palmistry that says a lot about the career, luck, wealth, and prosperity of a person. 

Everybody thinks about their fate and what destiny upholds for them. Some people get success easily, some have to work very hard for it, and some people are just born with a silver spoon in their mouths. 

All these factors keep many believers of astrology hooked and they try to find answers based on what their luck line says. If you’ve been thinking about the subject too, then this guide on fate line palmistry is a goldmine for you. 

Dive in to find out what your fate line has to say about you and your future. 

What is Fate Line: How Do You Locate One? 

The fate line is a long vertical line that runs from the base of any one of your fingers and ends right above your wrist. 

Fate line has many names: luck line, career line, and Saturn line. The funny thing about fate line palmistry is that the predictions about the future of a person change according to the location, shape, and type of fate line.

Fate Line Palmistry Predictions Based on The Location of the Fate Line 

There are basically 9 types of locations where you can find the fate line in the palm of a person. Find out the details below. 

  1. Career Line Starting from the Life Line If your fate line starts from your life line, it means you’re a go-getter. Money doesn’t drive you, hard work does. You don’t run after wealth. 
  2. Career Line Starting From Head Line This combination delays all good things in your career. Expect success in whatever you do after you cross the age of 35.
  3. Career Line Starting From Heart Line If this is the location of your luck line, it means you’ll have to work very hard until your middle-age to acquire wealth. The fruits of hard work that you put in will reap benefits later on in life. 
  4. Career Line From the Moon Mount This location for the Saturn line means that you’re loved and adored by your friends and family. It brings out the creativity in you and you can choose fashion designing, writing, and painting as careers.
  5. Career Line From the Venus Mount If this is where your luck line is, you’re someone who was born with a silver spoon in your mouth. You’ll acquire a lot of paternal wealth, own big mansions, and have luxury cars.
  6. Career Line that Ends at the Jupiter Mount This location of the fate line says a lot about your personality. You’re a person who has earned your way up. You might not have inherited a big name, but you’ll definitely make one by sheer hard work and dedication. 
  7. Career Line that Ends at Saturn Mount Such a fate line means you will build an entire empire of richness and social reputation starting from scratch. You weren’t born with abundant wealth but indeed with abundant luck. 
  8. Career Line that Ends at Mercury Mount If this is the location of the destiny line on your palms, it means you have a mathematical brain that can be put to best use in commerce. You can earn a lot of money in the field of finance. 
  9. Career Line that Ends at the Mount of the Sun This location of the fate line reflects the traveler and seeker in you. You’re a person with a talent for writing and painting. 

Fate Line Palmistry Predictions Based on the Shape and Type of Luck Line 

Long and Deep Luck Line 

It means you’re a problem solver and a quick thinker. Challenges don’t scare you. Your problem-solving attitude makes you successful at everything you do. 

Luck Line Dark at the Wrist but Light at the Base of the Finger 

You’ll have a good start in your career when you’re young. Everything will be stable until the age of 30. Post 30, you might start experiencing setbacks in your career. 

It’s always advised that you save money and make wise investments so that you have enough money when things aren’t very smooth. 

Shallow Luck Line

It reflects that you don’t ever shy away from hard work. Yet, somehow, you aren’t properly rewarded for the efforts you put in. 

One of the best ways to end this spree of failures is to recognize what your goal is and then focus on that single-mindedly. In short, stop being a Jack of all trades but the master of none. 

Broken Luck Line 

A broken career line means you’ll find yourself struggling in your career between the ages of 45 to 50. It reflects some sort of loss of inheritance as well. All such career and wealth setbacks will occur during your middle age. 

Luck Line With an Island 

It has different meanings depending upon where it’s located. 

  1. Island in the beginning reflects some sort of birth-related issues. 
  2. Island at the center means midlife career crisis. 
  3. Island at the very end of the career line is indicative of some sort of regret. 
  4. When the island is present at the point of joining of the head line and career line, it reflects a major financial crisis. 
  5. When the island is present at the point joining the heart line and career line, it indicates that you might make some major career decision being carried away in emotions. You’ll live to regret it later on since it will have bad repercussions. 

Fate Line Palmistry Secrets: Facts and Myths 

  1. No Career Line Means no Career at All: It’s a myth. When you don’t have a career line, it just means that you keep changing jobs again and again. 
  2. Career Line Stopping at Head Line Means Career Setback: It’s a fact. It means you made a wrong decision at work under the influence of emotions. This, however, is a temporary halt. 
  3. Career Line Stopping at Heart Line Means Downfall at the Age of 50 and Above: It’s a fact. You fail to keep your personal life separate from your professional life. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Fate line palmistry is not simple. There are so many versions and variations that a palm reader can give you all the details at length. 

Yes, some lines indicate luck and some indicate losses, but astrology offers solutions for all setbacks and debacles. So, always seek the help of a palm reader to decode the mystery behind what your career line actually means.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the luck line in your hand?

In our hands, we have a money line.
A deep, straight vertical line runs beneath our fingers on our palm, indicating the presence of money, success, and fortune in their lives. If it is deep and obvious, the person will have little trouble enlisting the assistance of others, hence enhancing their financial success possibilities.

2. What happens if fate line is broken?

A break in the fate line from the centre of the palm foreshadows career setbacks and property loss later in life. If your fate line has a break in it and then resumes its path parallel to the break, it implies you’ve changed jobs and are beginning a new career.

3. Does everyone have a fate line?

Although not everyone has a fate line on each of their palms, those who do can utilise them to foretell their fortunes in a fun way. You can find that you have very faint fate lines, only one fate line on one hand, or no fate lines at all.

4. How do I change my fate?

You can’t change your fate, but you can postpone it with your free will. Even if you’ve been burying your head for years, fate will continue to offer itself until you’re ready to embrace it. Fate isn’t going to give up on you. You can’t lose what’s meant for you, but you may put off the inevitable.

5.Is destiny the same as fate?

Fate and destiny are two words that refer to a predetermined or predestined outcome. While fate is set in stone and dictated by the cosmos, destiny is influenced by your decisions in life.