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Tried and Tested Feng Shui Tips to Attract Your Dream Job | Don’t Miss it

Tried and Tested Feng Shui Tips to Attract Your Dream Job | Don’t Miss it

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Have you been feeling low professionally? Are you not satisfied with your current job? Does it seem like no matter how hard you are not getting your dream job.?

If your answer is yes, maybe it is time to give Feng Shui tips a try.

Be it getting a new job or solving a business problem, or cracking an important deal, little touches of Feng Shui change things around real smooth and quick.

There are Feng Shui tips that one follows that can help them land their dream job, let us explore:-

Get a Feng Shui Ba gua

Get a Feng Shui Ba gua first. It is a thematic map in which you evaluate the energy of your surroundings in a systematic manner. It contains eight corners arranged around a central point, each of which is linked to a distinct part of our existence. Each gua (region) contains numerous layers, each with its own set of meanings. Take photographs of persons and experts whose career graphs you admire and place them in the north region of your Ba Gua once you have it, which can also include a mirror in the middle.

Placement of the Red Object

In the northern region of your workspace, place a red item. It could be a silk scarf, a piece of artwork, an antique, or anything else meaningful to you.

Avoid Having Horizontal Lines in Your Resume

Horizontal lines on your resume or even your cover letter should be avoided since they disrupt the flow of positive energy. It allows the reader to take a break. They can use it as a pause to take a call or do other work, which could be beneficial or detrimental for your job prospects.

Get a proper Dress

It is critical that you dress appropriately for the role you desire. You must dress in managerial attire for an entry-level job. Dress as if you’re already a part of the company, and you’ll make a great first impression on the hiring committee.

Get a Lamp

Get a lamp and set it in the southern portion of your home study or workplace if you need a boost in your working life. If you can afford a red lamp, it might even help you land a promotion.

Buy a Bronze Feng Shui Dragon

The dragon is a symbol of good fortune and wealth in the workplace. It’s a good idea to keep it on our desk because it can help you achieve financial success. The dragon is thought to possess supernatural qualities that bring good fortune!