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Vastu Fish: Know the importance of Fish and Aquariums in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Fish: Know the importance of Fish and Aquariums in Vastu Shastra

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In Vastu Shastra, fish and aquariums have long been regarded as very important. Over the years, Vastu Fish have become a significant factor in brining luck to the house.  Fish tanks, according to Vastu, have a powerful and fortunate aura. As a result, they are frequently employed to correct numerous Vastu flaws in your home or office. They also have the capacity to turn any negative energy in your environment into a positive one. Every element on this earth is related to particular energy levels, according to ancient Vastu principles, and a fish aquarium is one of them.

If you want to use fish aquariums in your home, you should follow some Vastu guidelines. Nothing can stop your home from gaining a positive aura with a few simple tips. 

The Importance of a Fish Aquarium as a Symbol

Let us first explore the importance of water and fish before moving on to more information on Vastu Fish.

The water in a fish aquarium is thought to be the embodiment of life

If the water in your fish aquarium moves, it will represent positive energy and vibrancy in your daily life.

The movement of the fish in the aquarium, on the other hand, sends forth positive energy and has been known to attract happiness, health, and money to your family.

The Best Place in the House for Fish Aquariums

The fish aquarium must be kept in the drawing-room or the living room at all times.

It can be kept in the reception area if it’s for the office. These spaces are the heart of your home or business, and they are connected to every other element of it. As a result, placing the fish tank in these locations will cause a beneficial ripple effect throughout your home.

This fish tank should always be positioned in the room’s northeast or southeast corners.

In the home or office, the northeast corner indicates riches and financial stability, whereas the southwest corner represents peace, happiness, and prosperity. The aquarium’s fish population is very impressive. Ensure that there are at least nine fish present at all times. Eight of the nine fish should be the same species but have different hues. A dragonfish should be the ninth fish. This particular mix of fish has the potential to bring wealth and success. Keeping goldfish is often regarded as auspicious.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Fish Aquarium in Your Home?

According to Vastu Shastra, having a fish aquarium in your home provides a lot of advantages. An aquarium will enhance the beauty of your home while also removing the drab atmosphere. It results in the appearance of a dynamic setting in your home. Vastu fish concepts can help you bring happiness and optimism into your home.

  1. According to science, today’s sedentary lifestyle is bound to cause stress, high blood pressure, and anxiety-related issues. All of this is also thought to be fixed just by staring at a fish tank.
  2. Natural beauty soothes and relaxes one’s nerves, bringing peace to the brain and healing all of the day’s anxieties.
  3. Inside the tank, when the fish move quickly, they generate even more positive energy.
  4. Fish are well-known and regarded as symbols of good fortune. The water inside also reflects the flow of positive energy in one’s life.
  5. Colourful fish add to the home’s pleasant emotions. It also helps to increase one’s riches and success.
  6. Coloured fish is also thought to correct all Vastu flaws by drawing negative energy away from the surrounding area.
  7. Furthermore, it is thought that the water in the fish tank is crucial. The money flow in the home is represented by the water ripples. The greater the number of fish, the better the odds of making a profit.
  8. The death of a fish in a tank symbolizes the release of negative energy. So there’s no need to be alarmed if a fish dies. Simply replace the one that is no longer alive with a new one.
  9. It boosts efficiency while also encouraging learning. Furthermore, it aids children in coping with negative emotions.
  10. A patient with Alzheimer’s disease who has a fish tank improves his or her mood and appetite, as well as his or her sleep quality.


In Conclusion, the Aquariums have a significant impact on the overall appeal of your home. As a result, you must make every effort to guarantee that they receive the greatest possible care.