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Foot Reading: Know the Secret Science Behind it | [Bonus] Foot Reading Marriage also Included

Foot Reading: Know the Secret Science Behind it | [Bonus] Foot Reading Marriage also Included

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Foot reading astrology is a lost art. With a growing fascination with palmistry, bracelet lines on the wrist, and tarot reading, people tend to forget the teachings of ancient Shastras like the Samudrika Shastra. According to Samudrika Shastra, foot reading is one of the most accurate forms of future prediction that even Goddess Sita (the wife of Lord Rama) relied upon during Treta Yug. Yes, it is that old! And not just in India, foot reading astrology has been used in Chinese astrology too for more than 5000 years. 

In this guide, we have taken the initiative to give a new life to this centuries-old science of future prediction, also known as foot fingers astrology, that even Gods believed in. Dive in and find out the fascinating secrets about your personality that you never knew!

The Mythological Significance of Foot Reading Astrology 

One of the verses in Ramayana, the epic Hindu Saga of Lord Rama, makes a mention of Devi Sita talking about foot reading astrology to a Demon woman, Trijata during the time she was being held captive by Ravana in Ashok Vatika, Lanka. 

It has been recorded in the Vedas that during one of the conversations with a kind-hearted servant of Ravana, Trijata, Devi Sita said that before she got married to Lord Rama, her father had taken her for foot reading, where she found out that her future husband would be a king. Hence, she knew that it was in her destiny that Lord Rama would defeat Ravana and free her. 

4 Most Common Types of Feet According to Foot Fingers Astrology – What do they Reveal About You? 

This is an interesting one. The shape and size of your toes determine which feet type you are. We have compiled the 4 most common types of feet and described what they predict about your personality. Have a look! 

The Egyptian Foot Type for Foot Reading Personality

Egyptian foot can be characterized by its length. It is longer than most other foot types. All the 5 toes are pretty long and they show a perfect 45° descent starting from the thumb, running to the smallest 5th toe finger. If you’re an Egyptian toe person, here’s what your feet have to say about you:

  1. You are spoiled and used to getting pampered. Your family and friends love you too much.
  2. You’re very warm. But, at the same time, you don’t reveal much about what you’re planning to do with life. You’re very mysterious, aren’t you? 
  3. You’re sort of secretive and you know it, plus you like it that way. It works in your favor. 

The Greek Foot Type for Foot Reading Personality 

Greek feet can be easily recognized. The second foot finger is longer than all the others. If you have a Greek foot, then, here’s what it says about you:

  1. You’re very creative. 
  2. You worry a lot about people you love. 

The biggest flaw in you, however, is that you make decisions in a haste and live to regret them later on. 

The Roman Foot Type for Foot Reading Personality 

The Roman foot is characterized by the first three toes of equal length and the last two are smaller in descending order. If that’s what your feet look like, then here’s what your personality says about you: 

  1. You’re very brave and value bravery in others. 
  2. You’re a very dedicated friend. You always defend your people fiercely. 
  3. You have a knack for adventure sports. 

The Pheasant Toe Type for Foot Reading Personality 

If all the fingers in your foot are of the same length, then it means you have a pheasant toe. Here’s what your personality reveals about you:

  1. You’re the right balance of emotions – neither too sentimental nor entirely cold. 
  2. You have a very practical approach to life. 
  3. You never make important decisions in haste. 
  4. You are an explorer and you love to travel a lot, meet new people, and explore new places. 

Despite being the practical sort, you’re driven by one strong emotion and that’s honesty. 

2 Rare Foot Types and What They Say About Your Personality 

The Extra-Small Toe Foot 

It’s a rare foot type. It has 6 fingers instead of 5. There’s one very small extra pinky finger. Such people are social, extremely sensitive, and very intuitive. 

The Traveler’s Foot

This toe can be characterized by wide gaps between the toes. These people, as the name suggests, get to travel a lot. They visit new places and lead a nomadic life. They cannot stay in one place forever. 

4 Auspicious Signs on Feet that Indicate Prosperity 

Massive Toe Pads 

Look under your feet. If the toe pads are wide, then that’s a sign of wisdom. You’ll flourish with age. 

  1. You’ll be blessed with the sense to think before you act. 
  2. You’ll develop excellent communication skills. 
  3. You’ll not have any major health problems during old age. Yes, you’ll live long enough to get old!

Low Arches 

These are very rare. While most people have high or average arches in their toes. Low arches are rare. If you have them, you’re blessed with the quality of making true friends without even trying very hard. 

Luck naturally comes to these people. They’re easygoing and are always surrounded by positivity. 

Index Toe is Thicker than Other Toes 

It means you’ll live a long meaningful life. You’ll enjoy all the luxuries while you’re still young and will get spiritually enlightened as you move towards old age. 

A thin and Long Sole line

This is a blessing. It means you’ll be extremely wealthy. On top of it, if this line is red, it means you’ll grow up to be very very attractive. 

Foot Reading Marriage

Yes, foot reading can predict a lot about love, relationships, and marriage! Have a look at this bonus section and find out what your feet say about your love life. 

  1. If the tips of the toes have a purple colour, it isn’t good. It means you’ll get cheated upon and will suffer from many heartbreaks. 
  2. If you’re a woman with a Chakra, Dhvaja, or a Swastika sign on the sole of your foot, it means your husband will be a powerful ruler. 
  3. If you’re a man and the sole lines under your feet are red, it means your wife will be very faithful and will be a rare beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do feet lines mean in foot reading astrology?

Feet lines are used to predict how long will the person live, will the natives live a healthy life or not, and also how will the married life of the native flare.

2. What is the rarest foot type in foot fingers astrology?

The extra-small toe foot (one extra pinky toe finger) and the traveler’s foot (wide gaps between all toe fingers) are the rarest foot types.

3. What does foot reading marriage astrology predict?

If a woman has a chakra or swastika sign under her foot, it means that her husband would be a strong ruler/politician. If a man has red-colored sole lines under his feet, it means that his wife will be extremely beautiful and very loyal.