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45 Funny Hellen Keller Jokes You Will Love

45 Funny Hellen Keller Jokes You Will Love

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In case you have been searching for “Best Helen Keller Jokes” or Helen Keller Jokes for Instagram, then you are at the right place.

People typically tell stories in which they spend less time developing and motivating characters and more time punching. Using celebrities such as ethnic stereotypes and Helen Keller makes “setup” extremely simple and alluring. It is not worth clarifying the setup, so if the audience does not know who Helen Keller is or how she has lived, you should avoid making jokes about her. Meanwhile, it’s hilarious when your audience “just gets it.”

This article contains quotations by poets, writers, and influential figures about Best Helen Keller Puns Pick Up Lines. Let us explore

Helen Keller Jokes for Instagram Captions And Helen Keller Puns Funny

Who was the most frustrated ghost ever? The one that haunted Helen Keller’s house.

Why does Helen Keller wear tight pants? So you can read her lips!

Did you hear about the man who invested 300 hours into the “Helen Keller Simulator?” Later, he realized that his TV was unplugged.

Which celebrity has never scored a point in Basketball? Helen Keller.

What was Helen Kellers favorite candy? Skittles. Can’t see the rainbow, but at least she can taste it.

What was the scariest thing Helen Keller ever read? The waffle iron.

Did you know Helen Keller had a swing set? Neither did she.

Why did Helen Keller have holes in her face? She ate with a fork.

What is the most awkward moment when Helen Keller is playing Pin the tail on the donkey? Her friends aren’t sure whether to blindfold her.

What happened when Helen Keller ran away from home? She got lost in the backyard.

Why can’t Helen Keller drive a car? She’s a woman.

Why was Helen Kellers leg wet? Her dog was blind too.

What did Helen Keller name her dog? Nymphdrumpherlmf.

How did she burn the other one off? They called back!

How did Helen Keller meet her husband? On a blind date!

How come Helen Keller cant have kids? Because shes dead!

Why was Helen Kellers leg yellow? Her dog was blind too.

Whats this (slowly waving fingers)? Helen Keller moaning

What is Helen Kellers favorite mouthwash? Jergens lotion.

Why did Helen Keller break up with her boyfriend? She couldn’t see things working out.

Why was Helen Keller slurring her fingers? She was drunk.

Why was Helen Keller into LSD? Because she heard from someone that LSD makes you see thing.

Cop: Do you know how fast you were going back there? Helen Keller: Honestly I didn’t even know I was in a car.

Why can’t Helen Keller jump out of an airplane? It scares the shit out of her dog.

How did Helen Keller try to kill the bird? She threw it off a cliff.

How does Hellen Keller meet men? She goes on blind dates.

Why does Helen Keller wear tight jeans? So people can read her lips

Why does Helen Keller wear skin-tight pants? So you can read her lips

How did Helen Keller burn the side of her face? She answered the iron

How did Helen Keller drive herself crazy? Trying to read a stucco wall

How did Helen Keller burn the other side of her face? They called back

How did Helen Keller learn to play with herself? Trying to read her own lips.

Why is all of Helen Kellers face burnt? She was bobbing for French fries

How did Helen Keller burn her hands? She was trying to read a waffle iron

Why did the others think that Helen Keller was a rude baby? She never played peek-a-boo.

Why does Helen Keller hate winters? Her hands get so cold that she can barely speak.

Why made Helen Keller angry? Someone suggested she look at the bright side of things.

Why was Helen Keller late to reach home after school? She didn’t hear the bell ring.

Why did Helen Keller didn’t make the football team? Apparently, ‘blind side’ doesn’t mean what she thought it did.

Why do people get offended by Helen Keller jokes? In fact, Helen Keller wouldn’t know if someone cracked it in front of her.

How do you mess with Helen Keller? Superglue doorknobs all over the walls.

Why was Helen a rebellious kid? She didn’t hear a word her parents told her.

What type of parties did Helen Keller organize? Blackout parties.

Why was Helen Keller arrested for sexual assault? She was trying to read somebody’s body language.

Interviewer: Helen, can you describe your friends in a word? Helen Keller: Quite.

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