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Know the correct position and placement of Ganesh and Laxmi Statues for Pooja

Know the correct position and placement of Ganesh and Laxmi Statues for Pooja

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In Every Hindu household and office, Hindu gods Ganesh and Laxmi are worshipped to bring success and prosperity. Ganesh is known as the God of Wisdom, whereas Laxmi is known as the Goddess of Wealth. Many people are unaware that Laxmi is Ganesh’s mother.

What is Ganesh associated with?

The god Ganesh is linked with the north direction. Its origins can be traced back to Ganesh’s birth myth. Parvati was enraged when Shiva beheaded her son and demanded that Shiva return her son to her right now. As a result, Shiva sent his Ganas to travel to the north and capture the head of the first animal they saw. They came across an elephant. They severed its head and placed it into Ganesh’s body.

Ideal place for Pooja Mandir at home

The northeast corner of the home is an ideal place for pooja.

The deities should be positioned in a pooja mandir facing east-west in the north-east corner so that the pooja performer can face either east or west, which is beneficial.

The ideal posture for Ganesh and Laxmi statue

The relative seated positions and postures of deities in Pooja Ghar are extremely important according to Hindu beliefs and traditions. Any mistake in this regard is thought to bring ill luck to our efforts to succeed.

The standing and sitting postures of Laxmi and Ganesh are subject to differing beliefs. Many people believe that sitting is the best position for pooja, while others believe that it makes little difference.

We believe that to get the best pooja outcomes, Laxmi should be sitting on a kamal asana.

Standing in a certain way is said to make Laxmi Chanchal, and it is said to go away quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should Lakshmi statue be placed in the house?

Another crucial consideration is the location of the idols. While praying, always position them so that the worshipper is facing north east or north or east.

2. What direction should Ganesha face?

The East or North-East is the preferred direction to place the Ganpati idol. Never put the idol in the direction of the south or against a toilet’s wall. This is the most crucial element to remember.

3. Which side does Lakshmi sit with Ganesh Ji?

Laxmi, as Ganesh’s mother, should always sit on Ganesh’s right, as the left seat is reserved for the wife.

4. Which side Ganesha trunk is good for home?

Lord Ganesha’s left side is said to be aligned with and possess the properties of the Moon, making it calm and pleasant.