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Geno Doak Net Worth 2024: Know His Age, Height, and Girlfriend

Geno Doak Net Worth 2024: Know His Age, Height, and Girlfriend

Geno Doak is a famous American reality TV celebrity who became famous after his relationship with June Shannon broke the internet. In addition to his reality show, the reality star runs a remodeling and building company. Thus, he runs his own well-established company, G & J Improvements, as its chief executive officer.

While his partnership has brought him fame, he has a checkered past and has been arrested multiple times. The Alabama gas station also led to the couple’s arrest for marijuana possession. He also has a criminal record for drug paraphernalia, domestic violence, and felony possession of a controlled substance.

How Old is Geno Doak?

His birth name is Edward Eugene Doak, and he came into this world in 1976 in Hampton, Georgia. Additionally, his date of birth and family history have been mostly kept under wraps. Even though Doak graduated, he hid his academic credentials.


He has been working in the renovation and construction industry for quite some time, however the exact start of his employment is unclear. Additionally, Geno, a skilled remodeler and builder, has launched his own company under the name G&J Improvement.

Geno Doak Girlfriend

Concerning his romantic life, we previously noted that he became famous after dating reality TV actress June Shannon. She hired him to renovate her Hampton property in 2015, and they began dating soon after. Having said that, the two had been dating before.

There are children from Geno’s former marriage, but the specifics of that marriage have remained hidden from the public eye. Although his fiancée had a short-lived marriage to Mike Thompson. Along with Alana Thompson, Lauryn, Jessica, and Anna Shannon, he is the father of four.


He tried to take his own life, which led to his admission to a mental institution. Those 35 Valium pills were his OTC drug of choice at the moment. Nevertheless, he then refuted the claim that he had taken drugs and said that the doctor had actually prescribed him medication.

Geno Doak Height and Weight

He stands about 1.75 meters tall and 76 kilograms heavy. Aside from this, his muscular physique remains a mystery. Her dark brown hair complements her blue eyes. She has numerous tattoos of it all over her body, particularly on her arms, chest, and hands.

Geno Doak Net Worth

As a business manager, Doak amassed the majority of his fortune. So, $300,000 is the estimated net worth of Geno Doak.

His personal and professional accomplishments stem from his strong work ethic and his commitment to helping others less fortunate than himself. He is a successful businessman. When he appeared on “Mama June’s: From Not to Hot” with June Shannon, also known as “Mama,” he became famous.