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60 Gilmore Girls Quotes About School and Love

60 Gilmore Girls Quotes About School and Love

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After deciding to release a line of flower-pressed bookmarks inspired by the Gilmore Girls, our team rewatched the series, which is beloved for its portrayal of small-town life, its lightning-fast dialogue, and its portrayal of the world’s most hilarious mother-daughter combo. The longer we watched, however, the more gems of wisdom and pithy remarks we gleaned, and we knew we had to write about them.

We have collected over 60 lines from this amazing play, covering everything from love and life to coffee and snow. And if you’re a fan of the Gilmore Girls or know someone who is, you might want to check out our handmade bookmarks with designs from the show. All of the flowers used in the creation of these bookmarks are real, and they were fashioned with a deep appreciation for Stars Hollow, #TeamJess, and the Golden Girls.

Best Gilmore Girls Quotes

“Oh, do you see the books? Feel it. Feels good, right? Now smell it. Nothing, nothing smells like that.”

“Every relationship is just a big honking leap of faith.”

“I smell snow.”

“And if eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

“Oy, with the poodles already!”

“Life’s short. Talk fast.”

“I don’t like Mondays but unfortunately they come around eventually.”

“You have so many years of screw-ups ahead of you.”

“Everything in my life has to do with coffee. I believe in a former life, I was coffee.”

“Life’s been pretty good to you. It was your turn for a few curveballs.”

“I’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron.”

“I can be flexible, as long as everything is exactly the way I want it.”

“I’m fine. I’m just being dramatic. It’s what I do.”

“My books look sad. Can books look sad?”

“I just take a book with me everywhere. It’s just a habit.”

“One of those moments when everything is so perfect and so wonderful that… you almost feel sad because nothing could ever be this good again.”

“Who cares if I’m pretty if I fail my finals?”

“I kind of view studying as a solitary activity.”

“He’s like the lost Farrelly brother. He’s so stupid. He watched The Breakfast Club and decided to tape his own butt cheeks together.”

“My sock drawer could be a better mother than Courtney Love.”

“I live in two worlds — one is a world of books.”

“I’m just a big, fat Wookie-humping loser with no future!”

“Oh, I found that if I focus too much on one subject, I start to get a little punchy.”

“God, you are like a pop-up book from hell.”

“A little nervous breakdown can work wonders for a girl.”

“You never socialized me properly. I should hate you right now. Do something to make me hate you.”

“I’m going to have to quit drinking coffee! And I love coffee — I really love coffee!”

“Hey, call me crazy, but I just don’t think that Butterfingers go with jujubes.”

“It’s Avril Lavigne’s world. We’re just living in it.”

“I can go from zero to studying in less than 60 seconds!”

“My books look sad. Can books look sad?”

“I feel like this is my time to be rootless and just see where life takes me, and travel wherever there’s a story to write.”

“Nothing excites me before 11.”

“I love you, you idiot.”

“I’m gonna have pancakes with a side of pancakes.”

“Think how dull your life would be without me.”

“You’re a book tease.

“I’m sorry about that. You want to push me in the lake?”

“I just wanted to put some notes in the margins for you.”

“I don’t want to talk to anybody else. I don’t like anybody else.”

“You know we’re supposed to be together, I knew it the first time I saw you two years ago and you know it too.”

“It’s a crazy world we live in.”

“I’m not cut out to deal with people.” – Paris

“I already wrote his name in my revenge notebook.” – Paris

“We could go to a bookstore, I’ll watch you browse for six or seven hours.” – Dean

“This adult stuff is hard, isn’t it?” – Lane

“It’s my responsibility as your best friend to make sure you do exciting things even when don’t want to.” – Sookie

“There have been very few moments in my life where I have actually wished I had one of those enormous creme pies you can just smash in somebody’s face. But this is definitely one of them.”

“Life’s been pretty good to you. It was your turn for a few curveballs. Peaks and valleys, kid.”

“If eating cake is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

“If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one.”

“As long as everything is exactly the way I want it, I’m totally flexible.”
“I smell snow.”

“Reality has no place in our world.”

“You have so many years of screw-ups ahead of you.”

“I even cleaned the table using something other than the sleeve of my sweater and spit.”

“Well, it’s not every day I have my girls here for dinner on a day the banks are open.”

“I was going to wait until you called me, but my life isn’t as long as yours.”

“Well then, buy me a boa and drive me to Reno, because I am open for business!”

“You never do anything unless it’s exactly what you want to do. You never have. You go through life like a natural disaster, knocking down everything and everyone in your path.”

“Hold on, I’m looking up ‘aneurysm’ in our medical dictionary to see if I just had one.”

“Well, if you expect that muffin to fly back to the kitchen by itself, you better go get it a cape.”

“Just let me buy my plane, Lorelai. Let me be frivolous and shallow, will you please?”

“You can use your mother’s old golf clubs. They’re upstairs, gathering dust, with the rest of her potential.”
“You wear that in public?”