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Top 60 Golf Pick-Up Lines For Champions

Top 60 Golf Pick-Up Lines For Champions

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What about golf? Is that attractive person playing golf? Would you like to buy that attractive golfer a round? To spice things up, try these golf-themed pick-up lines! Clubs, putts, green, and other golf-related terms are all part of these pick-up lines.

Best Golf Pick-Up Lines One-Liner

Do you slap the dimpled balls?

Regardless of my drives, let me give you something straight and long tonight.

Hey love! Did you enjoy sucking my golf ball through the 50 feet of my garden hose?

How many strokes do you want?

f love is a sport, we’d definitely be playing best ball.

Just like a birdie, you’ve made my day better than par.

Meeting you was definitely a hole-in-one moment for me.

Are we on the green? Because it feels like we’re getting closer to the pin.

Every time I think of you, my heart does a little chip shot.

With you, every moment feels like a mulligan – too good to be true.

Just like in golf, I’m aiming for the long game with you.

Is it my turn to tee off? Because I’ve been waiting to take a shot with you.

I’d never putter around when it comes to someone as amazing as you.

If dates were golf rounds, ours would be a major championship.

I’m no professional, but meeting you makes me a major winner.

You remind me of golf range balls, mature and tough.

Hey Marion! Let me suck your golf ball through 50 feet in your garden hose.

Hey darling! Will you accept to be the nineteenth hole I can use in the game tonight?

Would you mind being my caddy? I need someone to protect my shaft and balls through 18-holes.

Hey baby! If you like what I have in my jean that makes me 13th ranked golfer, join me to make that V-jay weep and sing.

You are like an undulated green… Hard to read, but gorgeous and soft.

Hey Ruby! What will happen today, do you want to do Skin play or Stroke play?

I want to plug my balls in your bunker.

Now, am better than those museums that specialize in golfing you around. Let me show you my skills.

Your balls are wayward, let me coach you to get them into the hole.

The best way you can go before playing is to come to my room, I’ll teach you to swing good.

Were your parents handicapped? Because you sure are special!

Hey baby! I just discover you know how to fix a bloke at a vertical shaft angle.

I guess your body that got the shot in the 17th hole of the Old golf course at the beautiful playing ground of St. Andrews.

You are better than par.

Hey baby! The moment I set my eyes on you, my shaft became positioned at a vertical angle.

Hey Stones! Come; let’s make perfect golf prodigies together.

Hey baby! Let me plug my nice balls into your bunker tonight.

Hey baby! If you prefer gentle strokes to putts. Come with me.

Hey baby! Let me be your US Open hard and long.

I just discover my shaft is getting too hard and it hurts any time I play. Let me hire your services to soften it.

I’m currently a one ball, why don’t you find two friends and we can form a foursome.

You look like you are struggling with your swing. Why don’t you come to my place and we will work on it before playing around.

Are you a round of golf? Because I’d do you for four hours.

You look like a gallant major bomb. I guess you just got a promotion from the position of an army captain.

You must be a slice because you are Mr. Right.

You remind me of a Pro V1 golf ball… Soft, sexy and expensive.

How about you and I improve our stroke play together?

My golf coach says I have a firm grip… Why don’t you be the judge of that.

Bring some friends, and we can play a foursome.

Do you believe in love at first swing, or should I take another shot?

Your butt looks great in that position. I mean putt.

You’re such a dime I could just use you as a ball marker.

My handicap needs work, but I’m well-known for ordering coffee. Join me for a round?

You’re better than a two-on on a par-5.

You look like someone who enjoys a good swing.

Do you believe in love at first swing, or should I tee off again?

Are you a clubhouse? Because I always want to come to you after a long game.

Is your name eagle? Because you’re scoring high points on my heart.

Is your name green? Because I am eager to put my flag in your hole.

You remind me of St Andrews’ bunkers— dangerous.

You remind me of a fairway — well-groomed and a pleasure to hit on.