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Heart Line on Palm: Where to Locate it and What’s Its Meaning?

Heart Line on Palm: Where to Locate it and What’s Its Meaning?

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Palmistry is a widely believed and practiced branch of astrology. It has existed since the ancient times of Vedas and is still used to predict the future. Out of the many lines, it is the heart line on palm that holds a very special significance in the life of a person. 

The heart line in astrology is classified into many types depending upon the length of the line. If you want to understand where is your heart line on your palm and what it means, this guide has all the answers. Dive in! 

Heart Line on Palm Meaning: Where’s it located? 

Heartline in palmistry is also known as the line of skill and the life line. Although many people believe that the life line predicts how long a person will live, that’s not true. 

Heart line on palm signifies whether the life of the natives will have a goal and some meaning to it or not. That’s why it is known as the life line: the line that defines how meaningful or meaningless life is. 

The heart line on palm can be observed under the Mercury mount. It starts there and ends at the Mount of the Guru Graha, Jupiter, or somewhere in between. 

Fascinating Facts About Heart Line on Palm 

The heart line in astrology is ruled by none other than the mighty Jupiter. Its effects are interpreted based on many factors like where the line ends, how clear it is, whether it’s crossed by many lines, and much more. 

Some of the most fascinating facts about heart line on palm are as follows:

  1. The extent of the effects of Jupiter in the life of a person will entirely depend on how close the heart line will be to the mount of Jupiter when it ends. 
  2. If the heart line on palm is intercepted by many other lines, Jupiter won’t show many effects on the life of the natives. 

Classification of the Heart Line According to The Length 

There are 4 mounts related to the heart line on palm: the mount of Mercury, the mount of Sun, the mount of Saturn, and the mount of Jupiter. According to these mounts, the length of the heart line on palm can be categorized into 4 types. Let’s have a look:

  1. Starting from the mount of Mercury and ending even before it enters the mount of the Sun. 
  2. Starting from the mount of Mercury and ending between the mount of Sun and the mount of Saturn. 
  3. Starting from the mount of Mercury and ending before touching the mount of Jupiter. 
  4. Starting from the mount of Mercury and ending at the Mount of Jupiter or crossing it. 

When the life line stops at the 1st stage (before touching the mount of Sun), Jupiter has the least influence on the life of the natives. 

Naturally, the 4th stage (where the heart line touches and even crosses the mount of Jupiter), has the most effect of the goodness of Jupiter in the life of the natives. 

Influence of Venus Mount on the Heart Line 

Although not involved directly with the heart line, if the Venus mount is stronger and more prominent than the mount of Jupiter on the palm, it’s Venus that influences the love life of the native more than Jupiter. 

Love associated with Venus is mostly sexual and of a give and take nature. Love associated with Jupiter indicates emotional bonding at the soul level. 

If your Venus mount is prominent and your heart line either doesn’t touch the mount of Jupiter or is crossed by many other lines, you won’t be able to experience selfless love. 

2 Heart Line Types Based on The Shape 

Extrovert Heart Line

The extrovert heart line on palm is the one that ends between the Mount of Saturn and Jupiter. If you’ll look closely, this line will curve towards the fingers. The character traits of people an extrovert heart line are as follows:

  1. As the name suggests, natives with this line are very extrovert. 
  2. They have many friends and it’s easy for them to express what they’re really feeling. 
  3. They’re quite adaptive and open-minded. 

Despite the fact that people with an extroverted heart line on palm face challenges in their love life, they still manage to stay happy and positive. 

Introvert Heart Line

Another name for the introvert heart line is the mental line. It doesn’t curve towards the fingers and is comparatively straight across the palm. 

The traits of people with an introverted life line are as follows:

  1. They find it very hard to open up and express their feelings. 
  2. They find it hard to mingle with others and feel socially awkward in a crowd. 
  3. They are quite sensitive and a plethora of emotions runs through their minds. Hence, they might come across as less realistic and least practical. 
  4. They like to keep to themselves. 
  5. They have very strong romantic feelings that complicate the natives further. 

Concluding Thoughts:

You cannot define the effects of heart line in just one way. Since the line is of many types, the effects are also different. This is why the heart line gives different results for different people. 

We hope that you’ll now to able to locate your heart line on your palm and understand what type it is and the effects it might have on your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does heart line in Palm mean?

It’s all about the heart line when it comes to examining your love life. This line, according to Saucedo, indicates your emotional self or emotional style.

2. How do you check your heart line on your palm?

One of the three principal lines in palm reading is the heart line (also known as the love line). It runs from the edge of the palm under the little finger, across the palm, and ends below the middle finger or forefinger, or the point where they meet, slightly above the head line.

3. What are rare palm lines?

Under the Mercury’s finger, perpendicular deep clear simple lines are quite unusual. These lines are quite uncommon. People’s hands rarely have deep and clear perpendicular lines; instead, weak, wavy, dim, and hazy lines are more typical.

4. Which Palm is read for ladies?

The right palm is utilised for primary palm reading for a female under 30 years of age, and the left palm is used for additional analysis, according to Chinese custom. The left palm is employed as the major reading for a girl over the age of 30.

5. What does a forked heart line mean?

People who are especially passionate and sensuous may have coarse, gritty heart lines. If there are several small lines crossing the heart line, it could be a sign of emotional trauma. There may be a heart line with multiple cracks or branches if interactions (including friendships) are generally intense at initially but transient.