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Hinduism Tips For Students to Perform Well in Exams

Hinduism Tips For Students to Perform Well in Exams

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There is no substitute for devotion, hard effort, and drive. But there is a power that will assist us if we do our part. Sri Krishna, for example, was there for Arjuna. Here are a few recommendations for students to increase their scores and test performance based on Hinduism teachings.

Tips to perform well in examinations

• Wear rudraksha with six faces that will help in concentration.

• Get up early in the morning, at least one hour before dawn. Before beginning your studies, take a bath and say the mantra (om aim saraswatyai namah) 11 times.

• In the study area, have a photograph or painting of Goddess Saraswati. Every day, offer yellow flowers to the painting.

• On the study table, keep a crystal or glass globe.

• Eat curd with rice on a regular basis.

• Make your studytable face east, north, or northeast. Make certain that the rear wall is not a window.

• In the study area, hang a light yellow or green curtain. The colour scheme for the rest of the room should be comparable. • Donate under-privileged students pencils, books, and other study tools.