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How will Omicron affect us? An Astrological Perspective

How will Omicron affect us? An Astrological Perspective

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The latest version of Covid-19, B.1.1.529 or Omicron, has already been identified as a variant of concern by the World Health Organization (WHO) due to its many mutations. Though it is unclear if Omicron is more transmissible than other variations such as Delta or the severity of the disease, the increase in cases in South Africa has sounded an alarm around the world. We consulted with our astrologers, who correctly predicted in 2020 that the highest number of active cases in India would occur between August and October.

Astrologer believes that “the third wave of Covid has already begun, though it is still in its preliminary stage,” based on astrological calculations combined with planetary combinations and his own learning. “As we get closer to the end of December, the impact of the new variation is expected to increase, and it will remain unchanged at least until the end of March next year.”

When asked if the situation would be similar to the chaos caused by the pandemic earlier this year, the astrologer responded with a sigh of relief. “A number of reasons contributed to the chaos we saw in 2021, the most important of which was a lack of preparedness and vaccine. Thankfully, a large portion of the population has been vaccinated or is currently being vaccinated. Governments and authorities around the world are also taking all necessary precautions, including issuing travel advisories. As a result, it is quite improbable that the situation will deteriorate to that point, but the onus is now on the people to adhere to all covid protocols.

The astrologers also predicted that many more varieties will emerge, each with its own important impact on humanity. They also expect that, in the future, several new vaccinations and booster shots will be required due to the projected many mutations of different Covid types. In terms of the new variation, it is significantly less dangerous than what we have already encountered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is the COVID-19 variant Omicron concerning?

The main worries concerning omicron are whether it is more infectious or severe than other VOCs, as well as whether it can bypass vaccine protection.

2. Is COVID-19 variant Omicron worse than Delta variant?

While it would take weeks to assess the severity of the new Covid-19 variant Omicron, Anthony Fauci indicated that early signs suggested it was not worse than previous strains, and maybe milder.

3. Does the Omicron variant of COVID-19 cause severe illness?

More research is needed to determine whether Omicron infections, particularly reinfections and breakthrough infections in fully vaccinated people, cause more severe illness or mortality than infections with other variations.

4. What are some possible complications after recovering from COVID-19?

After recovering from an acute COVID-19 infection, patients may continue to experience signs and symptoms such as weariness, body aches, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and so on.