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Indigo Aura: Meaning, Personality, and Types

Indigo Aura: Meaning, Personality, and Types

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Say YES if you’re an INDIGO person! 

You have a curious and imaginative personality. You also feel like you are different from the rest of the world. Perhaps you have an Indigo aura. 

Do you wish to know more about the Indigo aura? What is Indigo aura meaning? What’s the personality of people with this aura like? You will find all that and more in this article. Dive in!

Unraveling the Indigo Aura 

Indigo consists of two colors – blue and violet. It is a rare color aura, but some people have it and it is a true blessing. 

Indigo is known as the ruler of your mind – it represents spirituality and magical rituals. Indigo aura has a very high vibrational field. It helps the person to have inner communications. The aura also governs the five senses which help you understand the meaning of life. 

The native has a number of attributes and strengths as compared to anyone with a different color aura. As you move forward, you will get to know what Indigo aura means. 

Meaning of Indigo Aura 

Indigo aura natives are bright, intuitive, and creative. The color symbolizes compassion, love, kindness, happiness, and peace. Psychic experts believe that this aura represents inner knowing

The color also signifies the awakening of the subconscious mind and spiritual leadership. It is also associated with the 3rd eye chakra, wisdom, and authority. 

The natives are never partial – they chase justice and believe in fairness. With an Indigo aura, one can attain devotion, integrity, and a deeper level of awareness. People with this color aura seek harmony in their life just like those who have a pink aura. 

Please remember that indigo comes in various shades, so some people might have to experience the negative effects as well. 

The 5 Different Shades of Indigo Auras and their Meanings 

Indigo color meaning will change as per its shade. Here is a quick sneak peek of what shades are there and their meanings. 

  • Clear indigo – Psychic 
  • Dark indigo – Self-absorbed and self-centered 
  • Bright indigo – A punch of creativity 
  • Muddy indigo – Deep into the spiritual world 
  • Lavender – Deep connection with herbs (healing power herbs)

Clear indigo aura 

It reveals psychic abilities. If the person has a clear indigo aura, they will be able to read people’s minds. 

Dark indigo aura 

It means the person might be devoted to serving people. This aura also represents that the native is self-centered. 

  • They might need to break free from the materialistic world and go for a little retreat. 
  • Dark indigo means you need to focus on others, especially those who are needy. 

Bright indigo aura 

It represents creativity. The native with a bright indigo aura has the wealth of knowledge – it is possible that most people around them don’t have that. These natives will get in touch with their higher self and have the drive to encourage others. 

The muddy indigo aura 

It means your chakra is not open (fully). It will keep the natives in constant stress and a state of dilemma. The natives might be running away from their responsibilities. The secret to a happy life is to distance yourself from toxic people. 

Lavender aura 

It is when the native has an inner connection with everything around them, especially with nature. The native can connect with the surroundings and read people, spirits, and things. 

Now that you are aware of different shades of indigo, let’s find out the aura and its personality. What does it mean to have an Indigo aura? Let’s find out in the next section! 

What’s an Indigo Aura Personality Like? 

Having an Indigo aura means you are living with a loving and compassionate heart. The native is quiet, gentle, and determined to achieve anything they desire. 

The native is also drawn toward harmony in life. Whenever there is a problem, the native faces it with a lot of grace. 

This particular native does not reveal their pain or problems. They like to handle it on their own. You will always find a calm and composed face. 

The natives want to improve their life and always think of ways to do so. They have confidence and a massive inner strength. 

Indigo aura natives are never partial or unjust. Even in a relationship, they will endorse the idea of equality. As an Indigo aura individual, one will always be happy to learn new things. 

Everyone has a belief that an Indigo aura person is resilient, quiet, and mature. 

Is Indigo Aura Good or Bad? 

There are some good and bad qualities in an Indigo aura individual. Firstly, they are intuitive and have deep sensitivity towards people. 

The good and bad will depend on the shade of indigo. If you have a bright indigo aura, you will have positive energy. 

It’s a mixed bag – to have an Indigo aura. Some are self-centered and self-absorbed, but they are good people. 

Concluding Thoughts 

Indigo aura color meaning is quite clear – the natives are intuitive, self-absorbed, loving, compassionate, and driven. 

Once these natives are out of their self-absorbed zone and look around, they will be able to extend a helping hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does indigo mean in personality?

Indigo is a personality hue that denotes a desire to understand the meaning of life. You can be melancholy and introspective at times.

2. What is an indigo Girl?

Indigo children are a new breed of exceptional children who have been endowed with extraordinary skills. They are more empathic than earlier generations and are drawn to using their creativity to express themselves.

3. What does indigo mean in love?

One of the benefits of the colour indigo is its ability to help others. Indigo is a powerful and dignified colour that symbolises honesty and sincerity. Indigo’s colour meaning connotes deep devotion, intelligence, and justice, as well as fairness and impartiality.

4. What does the color of your aura tell you?

Each aura color’s meaning is said to reveal a lot about our emotions, health, and personality. Our aura-elicited actions are frequently surprisingly correct, and the aura may define our bonds with others.