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Is Joie Chavis Pregnant: Who is Joie Chavis’s Boyfriend?

Is Joie Chavis Pregnant: Who is Joie Chavis’s Boyfriend?

In 2022, relationship rumors began swirling around Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs and social media star Joie Chavis. Currently, Chavis has shared the good news that she is pregnant on Instagram. The post showcases a video of Chavis in a swimsuit, with Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work” playing in the background as her baby belly grows. Nonetheless, Joie Chavis remained tight-lipped about who the child’s biological father was.

Is Joie Chavis Pregnant?

Joie Chavis is indeed expecting a child. She is currently pregnant with Trevon Diggs’ third child. In her Instagram post, she shared a video showcasing her growing baby belly. Her growing baby belly is visible as she relaxes in the video. A lot of people commented on the post; some of them wanted her to have a third child, while others made fun of her for having children with multiple men. Not a single caption has been added to the post by her.

She shared a dancing video with her team three weeks before to announcing her pregnancy. She danced beautifully in a black T-shirt and made no mention of her pregnancy during the event. Multiple commenters on that thread confirmed that she is indeed pregnant. Whatever the case may be, she appears content as she will soon be a mother for the third time and her family will grow by one more member.

Who is Joie Chavis?

Aside from being a model, dancer, choreographer, and social media sensation, Joie Chavis is also a successful entrepreneur. Her romance with Diddy brought her fame, but they eventually parted up. Her Instagram became famous for the lifestyle posts, fashion photoshoots, and exercise videos she posted.

Her 2.3 million Instagram followers are completely enamored with her way of life. Despite being a powerful figure, she has never addressed the criticisms leveled against her private life.

Her considerable social media influence has led to her collaborating with a plethora of fashion and fitness businesses. She had a clothing company called Shai that was named after her daughter. She began her career as a cheerleader before moving on to become backup dancer for various musicians. Thanks to her perseverance and hard work, she has now achieved remarkable success. Without a shadow of a doubt, she is still a major influence on the fashion world.

Who is the Boyfriend of Joie Chavis?

At this time, Joie Chavis is seeing Trevon Diggs. In September 2022, he celebrated her birthday, and their love became public knowledge. How the pair met is a mystery, but they will soon have a child of their own. One of the most influential people in sports is Trevon Diggs, a player for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. She is older than him by ten years.

A number of famous rappers, including Future, P. Diddy, and Bow Wow, were in her former relationships. Once word got out about her romance with Diddy, she became a household name. Therefore, her connection is considered a significant aspect by her admirers. Although her relationship with them is well-known, she chooses to keep the intricacies of their relationship secret, just as she does with all aspects of her personal life.

How Many Children Does Joei Chavis Have?

Joei Chavis is expecting her third child! Shai, her daughter, is twelve years old, and Hendrix, her son, is five years old; she was formerly married to rapper Bow Wow.

Joie Chavis Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Joie Chavis is one million dollars. She has a successful career as a model, entrepreneur, and social media influencer. One of her sources of revenue is the money she has made via her collaborations with several fitness and fashion firms.