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Is Your Boss Toxic? Know these 10 Signs

Is Your Boss Toxic? Know these 10 Signs

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Having a supportive boss who encourages you to work hard at your job is the stuff of dreams. In actuality, the type of management a person has is one of the main reasons employees leave their positions.

Therefore, it stands to reason that it might not be in your brain if you consistently feel that your boss isn’t encouraging of you and your work and continually finds a way to criticize it. Your boss could be the source of the issue.

You may ask your co-workers whether they share the same sentiments, sure, but how your boss treats you can determine how motivated you are in your current job. Additionally, it can negatively impact your mental health.

Here are 10 Signs that Your Boss is Toxic

1. Your Boss Refuse your Ideas Time and Time Again

Yes, your boss frequently emphasises how much they need new suggestions. However, when you try to impart ideas to help your team function more effectively, they don’t care what you think or that their method of operation is out of date. They also only care about maintaining the status quo.

2. Your Boss Listen to Favourites

The first guideline of management is that there should be no personal preferences-based prejudice. However, your boss is playing favourites if they repeatedly praise another employee for the identical work that both you and they are doing.

3. When you ask for help, your Boss criticises you

Let’s imagine you’ve been given a project, but you’re unsure how to go with it or have questions regarding it. You, therefore, speak with your management to address your concerns. Your boss, however, criticises you for not understanding their requests rather than assisting you and answering your questions.

4. Your Boss Never Pays Attention To Or Recognise Your Achievements

If everyone at work notices that you’re working hard and completing projects on time, but your employer doesn’t, there might be a problem. The worst part is that anytime you do receive praise from others, your boss might downplay it or claim credit for your ideas. Every time someone tries to compliment you, they can try to change the subject.

5. Your Boss not only refuses to acknowledge their mistakes but also places the blame on you.

Some bosses struggle to accept (or even recognise) their faults while they enjoy berating others for trivial errors. Additionally, if things get out of hand, they play the standard blame game and blame you for their incompetence.

6. Rather than handling situations professionally, Your Boss has tantrums

There may be many occasions when your team is struggling and under a great deal of strain. But your boss starts ranting over the simplest issues instead of coming up with solutions. It ultimately results in an unsafe environment as well as one that is unproductive.

7. Your Boss Focus More on Data Than Employee Wellbeing.

It can sometimes result in sentiments of resentment as your employees come to believe that you don’t care at all about their wellness if your boss consistently requests results or progress reports but never even asks how they are doing. It’s never easy to get time off, and your boss would much rather you didn’t have a personal life at all.

8. Your Boss anticipates you to commit no errors

No Matter What It’s true that consistently committing mistakes doesn’t leave a positive impression. But you always worry about making a mistake and getting into trouble if you do. Even though the expectations might not be obvious, any failure gives your boss the false impression that you lack competence. Additionally, they make sure to give you the work you deserve.

9. Your Boss is Rude

Your boss frequently says things that surprise you. They say things that are demeaning or simply disrespectful. Or, even worse, they appear to be nice in person but then wait to send you passive-aggressive feedback by email. They make you feel unimportant or less valuable. They might even humiliate you in front of other subordinates rather than do it privately. 

10. Your Boss Compels You to Perform Personal Tasks

An employee must comply with their boss’s instructions to receive a favourable appraisal and good credit. But things start to go wrong when those orders aren’t only for the office. Your boss forces you to handle their errands, such as doing their laundry or driving them to the doctor. Things that obviously do not fall within your KRA.