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Who is Josh Giddey Girlfriend: Are Giddey and Lesko Dating?

Who is Josh Giddey Girlfriend: Are Giddey and Lesko Dating?

Divided opinion Josh Giddey, a standout for the Oklahoma City Thunder, has made news after he was spotted with Maki Lesko, a lovely model from Australia. This follows an examination into Giddey’s private life that began after he was embroiled in a scandal involving a minor.

Who is Maki Lesko?

Maki Lesko is a well-known Australian model who is Josh Giddey’s girlfriend. Recent public appearances by the pair have put them in the limelight and sparked debates among fans and the media. Lesko and Oklahoma City Thunder star Tyler Giddey have been spotted together in a number of places, including public appearances and social media posts. Lesko, a model who has become famous for her appearances at Essendon Best and Fairest Awards and other events, keeps posting Instagram photos of the two of them together.

Are Giddey and Lesko Dating?

Pictures of Giddey and Lesko together went viral, sparking romance rumors. Rapidly, fans expressed their delight and curiosity, with many questioning whether the two are in a committed relationship. Rumors were further fueled by the images, which showed them seeming at ease in each other’s presence.

From nightclubs to informal outings, Giddey and Lesko have been spotted together in a variety of settings. The Melbourne-based model Lesko comes from a multiethnic family that includes Russian, Polish, and Australian ancestry. She has American representation with Agency Arizona and Australian representation through Brooklyn MGMT. The speculation that the two are dating has been further fueled by the abundance of photos of them on Lesko’s social media accounts.

Who is Josh Giddey?

Josh Giddey is a professional basketball player from Australia who plays for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. He was born on October 10, 2002. He made history in his debut season with the Adelaide 36ers of the National Basketball League (NBL) in Australia by registering a triple-double at the youngest age ever recorded by an Australian. The Thunder selected Giddey with the sixth overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Even though he suffered an ankle injury at a young age, he returned to the NBA in October 2021 and became an instant star, becoming the youngest player to ever reach milestones like triple-doubles and winning Rookie of the Month honors numerous times. Averaging double figures in points, rebounds, and assists each game during his rookie season, he demonstrated versatility and skill. The NBA has seen great promise in Giddey, a young player with a reputation for making plays and leaving an impression on the court.

In her Instagram posts, Lesko discusses her relationship with Giddey at length. In what seems like a nightclub, one striking photograph depicts her encircling Giddey, who is holding a drink and playfully sticking out his tongue. Their time together seems to be more than just a one-off in another photo of Lesko standing in a car with Giddey shown on his phone.

The fact that Lesko was once an AFL WAG (Wife and Girlfriend) and had a modeling history has also made her famous. She was the center of attention when she and Bomber Ben Hobbs attended the Essendon Best and Fairest Awards in 2022. Her modeling career is taking off, thanks to the support of big agencies in the US and Australia.