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Complete Guide to Kaal Sarp Dosh: Know its 12 types and Remedies to Overcome it

Complete Guide to Kaal Sarp Dosh: Know its 12 types and Remedies to Overcome it

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In astrology, Kaalsarp dosh is regarded as one of the most troublesome doshas. Kaalsarp dosh is a result of a person’s past actions or karma. The presence of this dosha in your horoscope may cause obstacles and delays in all parts of your life, including your work, love life, marriage, health, and more.

There are as many as 12 Kaalsarp doshas in astrology. Each of these forms is determined by the position of Rahu and Ketu in the natal chart of the native.

In light of this, the following are 12 Kaalsharp doshas in Kundli and remedies for each of them.

1. Anant Kaalsarp Dosh

The Anant Kaalsarp dosh is formed in a person’s horoscope when Rahu occupies the Lagna or first house of the Kundli and Ketu occupies the seventh house. Thus, the remaining planets are sandwiched between the two shadow planets. When this dosha is present in a native’s Kundli, he would have to work harder to achieve success. Although you will work very hard to achieve success, you will not see results immediately. The Anant Kaalsarp dosh is going to put your patience to the test by presenting you with constant barriers and difficulties. This dosha causes difficulty in all facets of a person’s life, but if you maintain hope, you will eventually achieve achievement. Also, refrain from engaging in vices such as gambling, lust, etc.

Remedies for Anant Kaalsarp Dosh

• If you are a student, you should recite the “Saraswati Mantra” and “Saraswatye Namah” for ten to fifteen minutes per day.

• On Saturday, hoist the raw coal eight times and flush it with running water.

• Reading the Hanuman Chalisa five times daily for forty days is also beneficial.

2. Kulik Kaalsarp Dosh

Kulik Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu occupies the second house and Ketu occupies the eighth house in a person’s kundli. This dosha is said to cause economic losses, humiliation, debt, and other difficulties in a person’s life. Therefore, astrologers recommend not forming relationships with people without great deliberation. Especially during the period of Kulik dosh, if you are involved in business, you must be completely honest. The marital life of a person afflicted with Kalik dosh should continue as normal. You may feel, however, that you are ageing prematurely; therefore, you must invest in your health. Do not use intoxicants such as tobacco, cigarettes, etc.

Remedies for Kulik Kaalsarp Dosh

  • Tuesday is the day to wear an open copper bracelet with a snug fit on the right hand.

• On Saturday evening, you must light a mustard oil lamp in front of the Hanuman statue.

• On Saturday, energise Silver Rahu Yantra

3. Vasuki Kaalsarp Dosh

Vasuki Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu occupies the third house in a person’s birth chart and Ketu occupies the ninth. This dosha affects not only the native’s life, but also the lives of his relatives, such as his siblings, parents, spouse, etc. You must accept the possibility that family members may cheat on you. As the Vasuki Kaalsarp dosh persists, there will likely be a lack of harmony within the family, which will be exacerbated by escalating financial difficulties. The good news is that the individual will achieve economic success if he continues to work hard and ensure that things work well for him.

Remedies for Vasuki Kaalsarp Dosh

• Read Hanuman Chalisa and Bajrang Baan 5 times for 40 days.

• Hold energized Silver Rahu Yantra on Saturday for Vasuki Kaalsarp Yoga.

• Each Wednesday, place a handful of Urad dal in a black cloth, recite the Rahu magic mantra, and then pour the Urad into water.

4. Shankhapal Kaalsarp Dosh

Shankphal Kaalsarp dosh is formed in the native’s Kundli when the planets Rahu and Ketu are located in the fourth and tenth houses, respectively. The formation of this yoga in a person’s horoscope signifies impending financial trouble, illness, and disorder in his or her life. Therefore, he/she should be prepared. During this time, the native’s family would experience unprecedented misery. This may hinder components such as love, a child’s education, etc. further. If a child, the native will struggle to make the appropriate decisions, which may make it difficult for him or her to settle down early in life. The inhabitants of this yoga have challenges relating to land and property, thus any such transactions must be scrutinised thoroughly.

Remedies for Shankhapal Kaalsarp Dosh

• On any Tuesday, drape Hanuman Bahuk in red cloth and hang him on the south-facing wall of the home.

• Place a silver serpent or peacock feathers at the home’s entrance.

5. Padam Kaalsarp Dosh

Padam Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu is positioned in the fifth house and Ketu is positioned in the eleventh house of the horoscope. This dosh is especially destructive to students, as they may lose focus on their academics and engage in harmful behaviour. Hence, parents must keep a check on their children throughout this era. You must also guarantee that you assist your child in making the best educational decisions; otherwise, you and he will lose both money and time. For grown-ups, the dosh may restrict your growth in your work. You must do so with a partner if you are searching for new chances or taking risks. As the Padam Kaalsarp dosh advances, health should also be a top concern.

Remedies for Padam Kaalsarp Dosh

• On any Tuesday, wear a seven-and-a-quarter-carat, triangular Coral gemstone with copper in the middle finger of the right hand.

• On Saturday, keep a Peacock feather in the books.

• On Tuesday, place a red-clothed copper-made Naga Nagin at the home’s main door.

6. Mahapadma Kaalsarp Dosh

The Mahapadma Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu occupies the sixth house of the Kundli and Ketu occupies the twelfth house. Although Kaalsarp doshas are notorious for their negative effects, when Mahapadma Kaalsarp dosh is active, the native has the good fortune to easily defeat all of his foes. There is an increase in wisdom and an impetus to accomplish something good and significant in life. However, as the dosh period progresses, the native tends to lose his or her composure and make rash decisions. During the dosh period, the individual profits from international business.

Remedies for Mahapadma Kaalsarp Dosh

• It is vital to visit the Hanuman statue on Tuesday morning.

• Recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily for forty days.

• Recite Sunderkand of Ramcharitmanas 108 times every Tuesday or Saturday.

7. Takshak Kaalsarp Dosh

When Rahu is positioned in the seventh house of the Kundli and Ketu is in the lagan or first house, the Takshak Kaalsarp dosh is formed. If this dosha is present in the native’s life, he or she may have a delay in marriage. The delay in the wedding may also cause worry and stress for your parents. Due to the character of the in-laws, there may be disruptions if married. There may also be scenarios in which you consider divorce. Also, the ones dealing with Kaalsarp dosh must not consider love marriage throughout the dosh era. Doing so will hinder the love you enjoy after marriage, necessitating additional effort to make things work.

Remedies for Takshak Kaalsarp Dosh

• Recite Sunderkand of Ramcharitmanas 108 times every Tuesday or Saturday.

• Read Ganapati Atharvashirsha each time on the full moon.

• Adorn your neck with an energetic Silver Rahu Yantra.

8. Karkotak Kaalsarp dosh

When Ketu is placed in the second house of the native’s Kundli and Rahu is placed in the eighth house, the Karkotak Kaalsarp dosh is formed. The Karkotak Kaalsarp dosh is accountable for impeding the accumulation of wealth. The dosh may also hinder career advancement, as securing a job and receiving a well-deserved promotion may be hampered by numerous obstacles. People who are affected by Karkotak Kaalsarp dosh also develop the habit of speaking the truth. This may appear to be a positive trait, yet it may prevent the native from securing advantageous bargains for himself. This does not imply that you should not express the truth, but you should definitely consider your words before speaking to others.

Remedies for Karkotak Kaalsarp Dosh

• Wear a silver Shiva Yantra around the neck.

• Beginning on Saturday, feed the ants Boondi Laddoos for twenty-seven days.

• Wear a copper-coloured, triangular Coral gemstone on the middle finger of the right hand.

9. Shankhachur Kaalsarp Dosh

Shankhachur Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu occupies the 6th house of the Kundli and Ketu occupies the 12th house. The benefit of this dosh is that the desires of those born under it are typically fulfilled. However, there may be a delay in fulfilling such objectives, which could leave you feeling unsatisfied. In the native’s family and residence, Shankhachur Kaalsarp dosh can cause a great deal of pain and suffering. During this time, you should prioritise your family and avoid engaging in transactions you will regret in the near future.

Shankhachur Kaalsarp Dosh Remedies

• Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

• Every Monday, say the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and observe a fast.

• On Saturday, wear an energised Silver Rahu Yantra around your neck.

10. Ghatak Kaalsarp Dosh

According to astrologers, the Ghatak Kaalsarp dosh is formed in Kundli when Rahu occupies the tenth house and Ketu occupies the fourth house. When this dosha is present in your Kundli, it is strongly advised that you serve your mother, take care of her, and never cause her damage. This will improve your life circumstances. It has been observed, however, that you may not receive the same level of devotion from your mother. Due to the Ghatak Kaalsarp dosh, the individual grows conceited even if he or she has nothing to be proud of. Your ego is at the forefront of your mind, which may hinder both your personal and professional relationships.

Remedies for Ghatak Kaalsarp Dosh

• Every Tuesday, you must always read the Hanuman Chalisa and observe a fast.

• Read Ganapati Atharvashirsha each time the moon is full.

• On Friday, give away coconut, blanket, etc., in addition to the epilogue, oil, black cloth, and peel.

11. Vishdhar Kaalsarp Dosh

The Vishdhar Kaalsarp dosh is formed when Rahu occupies the eleventh house and Ketu occupies the fifth house. This dosha is disastrous for anybody pursuing an education, especially at the university level. It will be difficult for such a person to pursue higher education. However, despite all obstacles, their perseverance and dedication will help them advance. These individuals fare better professionally if they pursue their careers abroad rather than in their home nation. Their fortunes fluctuate in foreign lands. The family member must endure property loss despite the potential of receiving assistance from grandparents.

Remedies for Vishdhar Kaalsarp Dosh

• Beginning on Saturday, feed barley grains to the poor for a duration of 27 days.

• On Saturday, circumambulate the raw coal counterclockwise eight times around your head, and then toss it into running water.

• Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily.

12. Sheshnag Kaalsarp Dosh

The Sheshnag Kaal Sarp dosh is formed when Rahu occupies the 12th house of the Kundli and Ketu occupies the 6th house. With a short delay, the desires of those born under this Sheshnag Kaalsarp Yog are always granted. Under the influence of this dosha, the native may develop the tendency of spending more than he earns. This is why he often finds himself in debt. There is a point in his life after the age of 42 when he may attain a prominent position in society. This, however, will take your persistent effort and dedication.

Sheshnag Kaalsarp Dosh’s remedies

• On any Tuesday, affix Hanuman Bahuk wrapped in red cloth to the south-facing wall of the home.

• Feed the birds raw barley flour bread for three months. • Wear an energised silver Shiva Yantra around the neck.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which type of Kaal Sarp Dosh is good?

When Ketu is positioned in the 12th house of the Kundli and Rahu is in the 6th house of the Kundli, Shankhachur Kaalsarp dosh is created. The benefit of this dosh is that its inhabitants typically get what they want in life.

2. How many types of Kala Sarpa Dosha are there?

Depending on where Rahu and Ketu are located, there might be 12 various versions of Kala Sarpa Yoga.

3. What happens if someone has Kaal Sarp Dosh?

A dosha in your kundali is what Kaal Sarp Yog is like (birth horoscope). Kaal Sarp Yog, according to astrology, frequently results from one’s previous actions or karma. If a person has injured a living thing or a snake, either in this life or a previous one, it may happen.

4. Can Kaal Sarp Dosh be removed completely?

Experts recommend solutions to lessen the negative effects of Kaal Sarp Yoga based on Vedic astrology. To get rid of this yog in the horoscope, recite the Panchakshari Mantra, which is Om Namah Shivay, or do the Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Jaap at least 108 times per day.