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Karkidaka Masam 2022: Know its Relevance

Karkidaka Masam 2022: Know its Relevance

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Karkidaka Masam, is also known as Ramayana Masam, in Kerala. It is the last month in the Malayalam calendar.

Karkidaka Masam 2022 begins on July 17 and ends on August 16.

Important Festivals Dates during Karkidaka Masam 2022

  1. Karkidaka Vavu Bali is celebrated on July 28
  2. Karkidakam 1 2022 is celebrated on July 17
  3. Karkidaka Masam Ekadasi Fasting are on July 24 and August 8
  4. Karkidaka Masam Pradosham Fasting are on July 25 and August 9
  5. The Muruga Sashti Fasting  is on August 3
  6. Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on August 11
  7. Avani Avittam is celebrated on August 22
  8. Chinmayananda Samadhi – August 3
  9.  Velutha Vavu or full moon day (Purnima) – August 12
  10. Karutha Vavu or Amavasya – July 28

Importance of Karkidaka Masam 2022

Karkidaka Masam, or Karkidakam Month, is the final month of Kerala’s traditional Malayalam calendar. The month is also known as Ramayana Masam because the epic Ramayan is recited in households and temples during this time. In Karkidakam month, the monsoon rains are at their peak.

History behind Karkidaka Masam 2022

Karkidaka Masam used to be one of the most challenging months due to frequent rainfall and floods two decades ago. The majority of people relied on agriculture, and this was traditionally a month of scarcity. There used to be no work because the farm fields were flooded, and the economy would come to a halt. It was even difficult to leave the house in some areas due to the rainfall. People used to read the Ramayana once a month to ward off nature’s wrath.. Another interesting thing to note is that Hindus do not start new businesses or hold auspicious functions during this month.

How is Karkidaka masam 2022 celebrated ?

During this month, many devout Hindus perform pujas and rituals related to Goddess Bhagavati (Shakti), such as Bhagavathi Seva, in their homes to ward off evil. To invoke Goddess Devi, the Lalitha Sahasranamam is chanted and archanas are presented. Every day in the evening of Karkidaka month, Sahasranama Archanai is performed in most Devi Temples. In some households and temples, special payasams are prepared.

Another highlight of Karkidakam month is the people’s use of specific ayurvedic remedies. During the month, some individuals consume Karkidaka Kanji, a gruel made with herbs and medications.

Another important event during karkidakam month is the Karkidaka Vavu Bali, a ceremony dedicated to the departed ancestors and is performed in the Karkidaka Masam on Amavasya, or no moon day. Thousands of people perform the event along the riverbanks and along the seashores.