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Know where to Keep Gold Jewelry According to Vastu at Home

Know where to Keep Gold Jewelry According to Vastu at Home

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Vastu for a house cash box Know where to keep tijori and gold according to Vastu in your home. Know where to store jewellery according to Vastu as well.

Vastu for Cash Box in Home

Where do I keep my tijori according to Vastu? The finest locations in a residence for a cash box or tijori are in the south and south-west. It must be oriented toward the East, North, or North-East.

Keep in mind that the cash box cannot face the south, west, or south-west and cannot be placed against the south or west walls.

The optimal position for the cash box pr tijori is in the room’s South direction, but if it is not possible, the East facing position is the next best.

Where to Keep Gold at Home According to Vastu

Gold decorations and precious metal jewellery should be kept in the southwest corner of the house. Never store gold ornaments, gold, silver, or diamonds in the northwest corner of your house.

  • Always try to paint the floor and walls of the locker area with a bright yellow colour. The colour yellow is associated with Lord Kuber and promotes prosperity and fortune.
  • There can only be one door, and it has to be facing either north or east.
  • Put a self-reflecting mirror in front of the locker. Look in the mirror to see the locker. According to Vastu, the reflection is a symbol of luck and attracts it.
  • One of the most useful rules is to always keep the locker room clean and to perform morning rituals like lighting a ghee ka diya or praying there.