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Lalita Panchami 2023 Date, Time, Rituals & Significance

Lalita Panchami 2023 Date, Time, Rituals & Significance

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Lalita’s celebration Panchami is celebrated on the Panchami tithi (the fifth day) of the Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the moon) in the month of Ashwin according to the traditional Hindu calendar.

This ritual is commonly known as ‘Upang Lalita Vrat’ and is observed by Hindus in honor of their deity. Goddess Lalita is one of the 10 most significant Mahavidhyas, according to Hindu mythology. She is additionally known as ‘Shodashi’ and ‘Tripura Sundari’.

Lalita Panchami Date 2023

Thursday, 19 October 2023

Rituals of Lalita Panchami

  • Lalita Panchami’s fasting ritual is known as ‘Lalita Panchami Vrat’. By conducting this sacred vrat, devotees are granted great strength and power.
  • On this day, special rituals and pujas are performed to honor the Goddess. There are community puja in which all women pray together in some locations.
  • On Lalita Panchami, Hindu devotees venerate Goddess Lalita in addition to Lord Shiva and Skandamata.
  • On Lalita Panchami, devotees assemble in large numbers in the temples of the goddess Lalita.
  • They travel great distances to participate in the puja rituals held on this particular day.
  • In some regions, grand fairs are also conducted on this day, which generate a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm.
  • It is highly auspicious to read or recite Vedic mantras dedicated to Goddess Lalita on this day. It is a commonly held belief that doing so will instantaneously solve all personal and professional problems in life.

Significance of Lalita Panchami

The religious significance of Lalita Panchami can be found in various Hindu scriptures such as the ‘Kalika Purana’. In Hindu culture, the worship of Goddess Lalita is regarded as extremely significant and unique.

According to the legends, on this auspicious day Goddess Lalita appeared to vanquish ‘Bhanda,’ a demon constructed from Kamadeva’s ashes. Consequently, Lalita Panchami is celebrated as the ‘Jayanthi’ or apparition of Goddess Lalita. Goddess Lalita is an avatar of Goddess Durga and is associated with the ‘Panch Mahabhutas’ (earth, air, fire, water, and space).

In southern India, Goddess Lalita is regarded as a manifestation of Goddess Chandi. On Lalita Panchami, devotees fervently venerate the Goddess and observe a strict fast in Her honor. It is believed that simply seeing the Goddess on this day will provide respite from life’s sufferings and difficulties. After being delighted by worship, the Goddess bestows contentment and joy upon Her devotees.