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Importance of keeping Lion Sculpture in Home as per Vastu

Importance of keeping Lion Sculpture in Home as per Vastu

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Very often people ask whether as per Hindu Vastu Shashtra keeping a lion sculpture at the home is considered good or bad?

Well, the Short answer is Good

Keeping a brass lion statue, according to Hindu astrologers, is very beneficial. However, it is NOT advisable to keep a lion sculpture composed of cement and plaster of Paris.

Where Should You Keep Your Lion Sculpture At Home?

The lion Sculpture should be housed on the eastern side of the land or one’s house, according to Hindu Vastu shastra. The lion Sculpture should be facing the house’s main entrance.

Benefits of keeping lion sculpture at home

It is said that preserving the lion sculpture can assist with confidence. People in the home will gain self-assurance and belief. In terms of business and employment, there will be a success

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do lion statues mean in front of a house?

They are claimed to be placed in front of the house to indicate to passersby that the “warriors” who live there have accomplished something and are very high in society, or they are designed to display affluence, as a symbol of prosperity and high class.

2. What are lion statues called?

Chinese guardian lions, also known as imperial guardian lions, are a popular architectural adornment in China. They are also known as stone lions or shishi (; shishi) since they are usually built of stone.

3. Can we keep Tiger statue at home?

Animal statues or paintings are prohibited. This includes snakes, owls, vultures, bats, pigs, pigeons, crows, tigers, and other wild animals and birds. A single bird or animal should not be depicted in a couple’s chamber, according to Vastu.

4. Is lion statue good for home?

People that have a lion statue installed in their homes enjoy a lot of prosperity. It also safeguards your home from burglaries and other mishaps. It is a powerful and honourable sign. It aids in commanding respect.