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Love Marriage: A Quick Sneak Peek of Love Vs. Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage: A Quick Sneak Peek of Love Vs. Arranged Marriage

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Arranged marriages have been a custom, an Indian tradition. Most families prefer getting their kids married to a known entity. If not known, the family wants the kids to marry someone the elders choose. 

Fair enough! 90 percent of the marriages in India are arranged. Why do we call it arranged? Well, if more people are involved in ‘arranging’ your marriage, then it is called, ‘arranged marriage.’ 

Who arranges these marriages? It can be matchmaking agents, parents, elderly of the home, uncle, aunties, matrimonial sites, and so on. There’s always a third party here. 

As per the IPSOS survey (2013), 74 percent of the younger generation prefer an arranged marriage. It’s a myth that people choose love marriage only. Most parents won’t agree to love marriage, and some young adults find it safer to marry somebody their parents approve of. 

A Bombay High Court hearing says that divorce rates are higher in a love marriage setting as compared to an arranged marriage. But India has a low divorce rate, so you can give the credit to the arranged marriage system here. 

What’s better? Arranged or Love Marriage? 

The idea of falling in love and running away seems challenging yet exciting. However, not every Indian child is gutsy to go against their parents. Indian families are quite united, so it is very rare when kids go against their parents. 

When an arranged marriage takes place, there is harmony between the two families. You can expect no cultural differences. As you are aware, love marriage cases are usually between two people from different religions, caste, cultures, etc. It’s the union of two different cultures and beliefs. 

This does not mean that arranged marriages don’t have any problems. It’s possible that even after marrying, you might realize that the companion is not exactly compatible with you. 

The Concept of Love Marriage 

When you are in love, you pre-screen the individual before marrying them. You are aware of their bad and good habits. 

You are also aware of their looks and possessions. Usually, people who indulge in love marriages get to do a little test drive as well. It may seem obnoxious right now, but there are pre-marital sexual relationships between people. 

If there is sexual compatibility, people tend to move towards matrimony. People like attractive things so physical attractiveness weighs a lot when it comes to love marriages. 

Let’s face it: men or women these days are most likely to date someone attractive, get into a physical act, and then leave the other person behind. 

The Concept of Arranged Marriage 

When an arranged marriage takes place, there is equality. The girl or the boy gets to meet different prospects and choose their life partner. The match is found on the basis of finances, education, culture, and world views.  

Parents will always choose an equal stature companion for their daughters and sons. 

The expectation level of the two people is lower in an arranged marriage setting. Since the two people don’t know each other, they enter the process of knowing one another after marriage. 

It’s a beautiful phase for both, but it can be terrible if the two people don’t gel well. 

Are love marriages successful? 

Are you aware of the first love marriage in the world? 

It was in the 20th century, but it was not exactly acceptable by families. Times have changed and people are choosing their life partner themselves. 

There are people who date for years and end up getting married to their childhood love. Some of them are too lucky to make it to their 25th or 50th anniversary. However, these days, the divorce rates are higher, especially after a love marriage. 

Of course, we have seen many successful love stories. But, there’s beauty in arranged marriages too. You meet a completely new person and get to know him/her at a slow pace. It’s a beautiful process of getting to know each other! 

Please remember that marriage is a lifetime commitment. You can’t back out when you please! Divorce can be painful for both families. 

Letting your parents and family members decide your fate is better because you get to marry someone of similar stature. A strong base is built when both the families know each other’s finances, background, and more. 

When a marriage breaks, it puts the family under a lot of pressure and pain. Love marriages are great as long as they’re a lifelong commitment. If the partners have problems like families not bonding with each other or running away to some far-off place, then problems will arise in the future as well. 

When an arranged marriage takes place, parents are aware of everything. They ensure that the child goes to the right home. 

Concluding Thoughts:

If love marriage is on your mind, make sure you are aware of everything about your partner. Are you ready to make adjustments and compromises? Even an arranged marriage requires these ingredients, but you are well aware of the pros and cons in this setting. 

So, choose your life partner carefully and once you do, maintain the sanctity of marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by love marriage?

A love marriage is a union between two people based on their mutual love, affection, devotion, and attractiveness. Love weddings may be unpopular or looked upon depending on the society.

2. Is love marriage successful?

According to a hearing before the Bombay High Court, more love marriages in India result in divorce than arranged marriages. However, this could be due to a variety of cultural and socioeconomic variables.

3. Why are love marriages better?

In a love marriage, just your relationship with your future spouse is important, and everything else fades into the background. You’re better at resolving conflicts amicably. You can comprehend your problem and it can be resolved with better understanding because you know each other well and there are no dowry difficulties.

4. What is the problem in love marriage?

Couples who marry for love without their parents’ approval cause a slew of issues for themselves. Marrying without parental or family approval causes a lot of bad energy in the home. It may begin with a small amount of venting, but it can quickly escalate into public shaming. It spreads negativity throughout the house.

5. Which marriage is better love or arrange marriage?

Arranged weddings ensure that spouses and families are of equal status, financial stability, cultural identity, and share the same viewpoints, reducing the likelihood of disagreements. The sole disadvantage is that, in most cases, partners do not know or love each other before to marriage.