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Aquarius colours and their Meaning: What are the Luckiest Colours for Aquarius in 2022?

Aquarius colours and their Meaning: What are the Luckiest Colours for Aquarius in 2022?

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What’s your favourite colour? It could be blue, pink, green, or any other hue from the range of VIBGYOR. You might have a wardrobe full of clothes and shoes and bags according to your color preference. But did you know that there’s another concept of colors in Vedic astrology – it’s lucky colors according to your zodiac sign? 

Every zodiac has a ruling planet and an element. There are certain strengths and weaknesses as well. When you wear lucky colors according to your zodiac sign, your strengths become most dominant, masking your weaknesses. Result? More success, happiness, and fortune will find you sooner than later. 

Since this guide has been specifically made for the compassionate Aquarians, you can explore all the Aquarius colors that’ll be lucky for you in the year 2022 if your Sun Sign is Aquarius. 

We have suggestions from the Aquarius color palette that you must wear for luck, love, and fortune. 

If you’re a believer in astrology and born between Jan 20th to Feb 18th, this post will be a delightful read. Dive in to explore all the Aquarius lucky colours. 

Lucky colors for Aquarius – How to magnify your strengths?

The strengths of an Aquarius native aren’t curtailed to compassion and love only. These two traits can also be misused by others. The real strengths of Aquarius natives are their strong-headedness, determination, intuition, intellect and intelligence. Aquarius lucky colours intensify the benefits of these strengths. 

There is basically an entire Aquarius color palette that offers suggestions for lucky colors for the soul, power, luck, and more. Here’s the checklist:

  1. Blue is the Aquarius lucky color for power.
  2. Light blue is the Aquarius spirit color. 
  3. Light blue and purple are Aquarius colors for luck and success in life.
  4. Reddish-orange and white are Aquarius colors for love. 

Did you know that you can paint your room in plum or light green colors and dye your hair icy blue since they’re Aquarius lucky colours for room and hair? 

Some other hues that might prove lucky for Aquarius include aquamarine, turquoise, electric blue, grey, and turquoise. As some of you might already be aware, every color resonates with different energies. Hence, they have different meanings. 

Keep reading to find out the specific meaning of Aquarius lucky colors in 2022. 

Top 3 Aquarius colors for 2022: What’s their meaning and significance?

White color

White, for Aquarius natives, is the color for trust, intuition, peace, and harmony. When the natives donn this color, they become more and more certain about the purpose of their life and less and less restless. 

Here are the most noteworthy benefits:

  • The color white makes the natives intuitive. They can sense danger and stay away from it.
  • It is also the color of calmness and mental clarity. Hence, it can make the natives spiritual. 
  • The soul becomes pure since the color white brings the natives closer to god. They do good deeds that improve their karma.
  • The white color also reduces anger, restores faith, and makes the natives cordial and understanding. 
  • It makes the natives wise, forgiving, kind, and confident. 

Did you know that the color white in 2022 resembles new beginnings for Aquarius people? It is the color of posterity, light, and emotional balance. 

Light blue color

One of the luckiest Aquarius colors this year will be light blue. It will increase the confidence of the natives and bring out a change in attitude, making the natives satisfied with what they have. 

It will help the natives to have a sense of responsibility. Here are some other benefits:

  • Light blue is the color of spiritual enlightenment
  • It will make the natives selfless, peaceful, and confident. 
  • It will boost the creativity of the natives and make them very kind and compassionate. 

Did you know that blue is the Aquarius birthstone color and opens the throat chakra of the natives? The lighter hues of blue signify emotional and physical healing and growth. The slightly darker ones boost imagination, creativity, and sort out the feelings of the natives. 

Purple color

If there’s one color from the Aquarius color palette that signifies power and wealth then that’s purple. It will be one of the luckiest Aquarius colors in 2022. It is bound to make the natives wise. The natives will make excellent decisions at work.

  • The purple color makes Aquarius natives cool-headed. 
  • It will chase away negativity, making the natives positive. 
  • The natives will be able to understand the real purpose of life beyond materialism. 
  • It will help the natives acquire knowledge and inspiration. 

Using Aquarius colors in the right way

We’ve already mentioned that different Aquarius lucky colours have different meanings. Similarly, they should be worn in different ways to unleash their powers. 

Here’s how you can use Aquarius colors for luck, love, success, and wisdom. 

  1. When the color in question is any lighter shade of blue, you can use it to paint your house or add curtains at home. Another way to utilize the power of this colour is to wear electric-blue clothes when going to interviews or attending important work meetings. 
  2. In order to harness the powers of white color, it is best to use it for home decor. You can either paint the walls white or add a touch of elegance by buying white-coloured electronic items and furniture for your home. 
  3. Purple is probably the one colour that can be used in many, many ways. You can wear purple accessories and clothes or paint the walls of your house purple and add curtains. You can also keep purple-coloured rugs, mats, mattresses, and draperies at home. 

Colour to avoid in 2022 if you’re an Aquarius Person

  • Very dark shades of blue. 
  • Neutral colours. 
  • Earthy colours. 
  • Dark green. 

Concluding Thoughts:

There are so many lucky colours for Aquarius that you shouldn’t fall short of options. When you wear Aquarius colours, you will be able to part ways with negativity, jealousy, and anger. Aquarius’s lucky colours will bring peace and fortune to the life of the natives. 

Make sure to avoid unlucky colours for Aquarius in 2022. Brown, dark green, and deep, dark blue are the unlucky colours for Aquarius that we’re talking about. You can always consult an astrologer to maximize the benefits of wearing the right Aquarius colours.