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What are the lucky colours for Aquarius? The meaning and significance of different shades

What are the lucky colours for Aquarius? The meaning and significance of different shades

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Luck favours the brave – That’s entirely true.  What Vedic astrology does is help people make choices that’ll make them brave. Hence, whether directly or indirectly, astrology has innumerable suggestions and remedies that invite luck and fortune in the life of natives. One such concept is wearing lucky colours according to zodiac signs. 

If you’re an Aquarius, this guide is for you! Not only will we walk you through the different lucky colors for Aquarius, but we will also reveal the significance of each of those colours. Here’s an in-depth post that you’ll find very intriguing. 

Dive in to find out which lucky colors for Aquarius 2022 will bring fortune, wealth, and love!

Lucky Colors for Aquarius: What do they signify?

Your favourite color might or might not be your lucky colour. It’s the lucky colour that matters in astrology. Hence, read the upcoming sections carefully before you decide which colours to settle for. 

  1. Power color for Aquarius: Blue
  2. Spirit color for Aquarius – Light blue 
  3. Success and luck color for Aquarius Purple and light blue
  4. Lucky color for Love for Aquarius White and reddish-orange
  5. Lucky color for a room for Aquarius Lemon green and plum

Fun fact: Did you know that icy blue is the lucky hair color for Aquarius? 

It’s a fascinating fact that the significance, as well as meaning of colors, change according to the year. 

The different meanings of lucky colors for Aquarius in 2022 have been explained in the upcoming sections. 

3 Most Prominent Lucky colors for Aquarius 2022: What do they mean? 

Light Blue 

The color blue in general stands for the following:

  • Confidence, kindness, and peace.
  • Honesty, sincerity, and creativity. 
  • Spiritual power and intuitiveness. 

It is also believed that the blue color balances the unchecked emotions and offers spiritual healing. In fact, blue is also the birthstone color for the Aquarius zodiac sign. However, if we specifically talk about lucky colors for Aquarius in 2022, it’s a light blue that steals the cake. 

When we especially talk about light blue, it stands for good health and understanding in addition to everything else that blue color signifies for Aquarius people. In Vedic astrology, the light blue color is associated with the throat chakra

The light blue color stands for:

  1. Healing (physical, mental, and emotional).
  2. Providing strength to face any challenge whether in personal life or career. 
  3. Glorifying the already strong communication and persuasive power. 


White will be one of the luckiest colors for Aquarius 2022. In general, it signifies purity of thoughts and soul. It’s also the lucky color for love for Aquarians. That’s not all! White color for Aquarian people has many meanings and benefits. Have a look!

  • The color white clears doubts and confusions, offering mental clarity that’s very beneficial at work. 
  • It resonates with undying faith, positivity, and kindness
  • It offers emotional liberation and rejuvenates a tired soul

Did you know that white is also associated with religious activities when it comes to the Aquarius zodiac sign? Hence, these people are expected to do a lot of charity in 2022. 


Purple, being the color of wealth and luck is one of the most fruitful colors for Aquarius-borns. And this legacy of being the lucky color for Aquarius will continue this year as well. Also, being the color of meditation, it’ll help the natives meditate and focus better. 

If an Aquarius-born will wear the color purple, here’s how the color is expected to behave:

  • It will make the natives wise, emotionally stable, and highly aware of their surroundings.
  • It will bring out positivity and motivate the natives to do better in life. 
  • The harmonious attitude will eventually invite wealth, love, popularity, and an increase in social status and power. 

Colors that Aquarius people must avoid in 2022

Just like there are lucky colors, there are unlucky colors as well. Here, we have compiled a couple of colors to keep away from this year if you’re an Aquarian.

Dark blue

As we already said, the meaning and relevance of colors keep changing according to their shades. So, while on one hand, light blue is one of the best lucky colors for Aquarius, dark blue is going to be unlucky.

  1. It might invoke the feeling of too much pride, making the natives rude.
  2. Being carefree is one thing, but being careless is something nobody wants. Dark blue will make an Aquarian person just this: careless. 
  3. There’s going to be a lot of negativity. The entire demeanor of the natives will look so dull and mournful and others will avoid the natives. 

Dark Green

Dark green in 2022 will push the natives towards everything undesirable: jealousy, immaturity, and ego. If you’ll wear dark green in 2022, it will:

  • Hamper your creativity.
  • Negatively affect your communication skills.
  • Make your life dull and boring. 
  • Make you irritable and aggressive. 

Using the lucky colors for Aquarius in the right manner

Electric blue and light blue: When you go out to attend an important meeting, wear clothes made of these colors. You can also buy curtains in these colors. It will invite positive energy into your house and cleanse the negative aura. 

White: You can wear white clothes as well as donate them. Getting the walls painted in white is also a good idea. 

Purple: Go innovative and wear purple jewelry this year. You can add purple paintings and purple curtains to your house. It’s also a good idea to carry purple backpacks or wear purple shoes when donning a casual look. 

Concluding Thoughts:

We hope that this guide has enlightened you about the lucky colors for Aquarius 2022. Also, be very mindful of the shade of the colors in question. In the case of any confusion, do not hesitate to contact an expert astrologer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What colors represents Aquarius?

Aquarius’ zodiac sign is blue, and your personality attributes make it easy to see why. For one thing, blue is universally appreciated, and Aquarius thrives on being liked by others.

2. What is Aquarius birthstone color?

THE COLOR AQUARIUS IS SAID TO STRENGTHEN RELATIONSHIPS AND GIVE COURAGE TO THOSE WHO WEAR IT. Amethyst is the birthstone hue for those born in February or under the sign of the water-bearer. This lovely purple colour is associated with royalty.

3. What are the positive characteristics of Thursday-born people?

Colors that are neutral or muddy, such as brown, dark blue, or earthy green, are considered inauspicious for Aquarius. These colours weaken Uranus’ energy and attract calamity.

4. What is the flower for Aquarius?

A robust but delicate-looking flower, such as the orchid, is the ideal present for an Aquarius. The plant’s unusual shape corresponds to an Aquarius’ unconventional attitude.