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What are the benefits of wearing a lucky gemstone for Aquarius? What is an Aquarius birthstone?

What are the benefits of wearing a lucky gemstone for Aquarius? What is an Aquarius birthstone?

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Incase you have been searching for “Aquarius Birthstone”, then you are at the right place.

Ruled by Uranus and Saturn, Aquarius is one of the smartest and most logical zodiac signs. Yet, Aquarius-borns have negative traits as well. In order to combat the challenges an Aquarian might be facing, it is recommended that these people wear a lucky gemstone for Aquarius.

Every zodiac sign has a birthstone, Aquarius is no different. Amethyst is an Aquarius birthstone that offers healing benefits. However, there are other lucky gemstones for Aquarius men and women (to be discussed in a later section in this guide). 

This article will shed light on the benefits of wearing an Aquarius birthstone, the correct procedure to wear a lucky gemstone for Aquarius, what are the kinds of problems that gemstones tackle in the life of these natives, and more. Intrigued? Yes? Dive in and explore the details!

Positive and Negative Personality traits of Aquarius people

5 Positive traits that help Aquarians succeed in life

  1. They’re logical and very good at solving problems.
  2. They’re fair and just, they won’t ever take sides. 
  3. They’re humanitarian and compassionate. 
  4. Aquarius is a highly intuitive sign. So, despite having compassion, it’s not easy to take these people for a ride.
  5. They’re brave and are blessed with excellent communication skills.

3 negatives of Aquarius people that can be counterfeited by wearing the Aquarius birthstone 

As mentioned already, Amethyst is the Aquarius birthstone. When the natives wear an energized Amethyst, they’re able to combat the negatives in them. The three negatives that are otherwise the doom of Aquarius people are as follows.

  1. They can get so competitive at work that, against their nature, they might retort to unethical means just to win. 
  2. They’re jealous beings. Jealousy can cloud their judgment. When the native wears a lucky gemstone for Aquarius, this particular trait is subdued to a very large extent.
  3. If Saturn gets weak, these people lose their power of persuasion that’s otherwise their biggest strength.

Top 3 benefits of wearing a lucky gemstone for Aquarius 

Now that you’re aware of the negatives, you might also be interested in learning how an energized Aquarius birthstone helps you overcome the challenges that might erupt due to the negative side of your personality. 

If yes, have a look at the following benefits and then make an informed decision whether or not you’d like to wear a lucky gemstone for Aquarius.

It Boosts communication skills

If Saturn (even Uranus) takes a turn for worse, the first thing that the natives will lose is their persuasion skills. It is very important to boost communication skills in such cases. And wearing an energized Amethyst will provide just that. 

The pure violet rays from an energized, crystalline amethyst will improve the communication and speech skills of the natives. 

It strengthens the career 

Aquarius are born to lead. However, due to many reasons, these people might not get the promotions they deserve. When the natives wear an Aquarius birthstone, the hindrance in their path to success is removed. 

  • Not only do the natives get promotions, but they also get new growth opportunities.
  • Since an Aquarius birthstone facilitates decision-making skills, the natives are much appreciated by their colleagues and superiors. 
  • A lucky gemstone for Aquarius can also increase the IQ level of the natives and improve their focus and concentration power.

It heals the natives fully

Whether it’s emotional healing, mental healing, spiritual healing, or physical healing, energized Amethyst is able to offer it to the natives. 

It is believed that an energized Aquarius birthstone is able to:

  • Improve immunity.
  • Reduce the episodes of anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Cure depression. 
  • Heal stomach disorders.
  • Improve sleep and cure insomnia.
  • Bring the natives closer to god. 
  • Make the natives less and less angry. 

Did you know that wearing Aquarius birthstone wards off negative energies and evil eyes? The natives are able to think clearly. The spree of bad luck and poor decisions (at work as well as at home) finally comes to an end. 

Lucky gemstones for Aquarius men 

Yes, Amethyst is second to none, being the Aquarius birthstone. But, there are a few other crystals too that are the harbingers of luck. Jasper and Garnet are just as good as Amethyst for Aquarius men.

The lucky gemstone for Aquarius women

Aquarius women have an air of sophistication around them. They like nothing but the finest pieces of clothing and the rarest quality of gemstones. 

Other than Amethyst being their lucky gemstone, they can also wear the following energized crystals:

  • Garnet
  • Turquoise
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Moss Agate
  • Sugilite
  • Jasper

If your astrologer finds it fine, you can also wear rings or bracelets that are made of multiple energized lucky gemstones for Aquarius. So, exclusivity will still not get out of context even when you’re wearing a gemstone for astrological benefits. 

How to energize an Aquarius birthstone? 

For the gemstone to be lucky and reap the promised benefits, it has to be energized first. If you won’t energize a gemstone, it won’t offer any healing. 

Here’s how you should go about your business of purifying and energizing an Aquarius birthstone.

  • Ensure that the Amethyst you’re planning to wear is a minimum of 6 carats.
  • Further, it should be studded only in silver metal.
  • Wash the gemstone with Ganga Jal first.
  • Choose any Saturday to energize the stone. 
  • Once you’ve cleaned the stone with Holy Water, start wearing it while chanting the mantra, Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah. Continue chanting it 108 times. 

Now that your gemstone is energized, it will slowly open the third-eye chakra and bring about stability in all spheres of life.

Fun fact: Lucky gemstone for the Aquarius moon sign isn’t Amethyst. If your moon sign is Aquarius, you should wear an energized, high-carat, blue sapphire stone.

Concluding Thoughts:

Gemstones have many untapped powers and energies. When they’re properly energized, they offer many astrological benefits. 

If you’re an Aquarius zodiac sign or an Aquarius moon sign, you should by now be fully capable of deciding whether or not you’d like to wear a lucky gemstone for Aquarius for astrological benefits. 

Wearing one will bring a definite positive change in your life and attitude. You’ll finally be able to see things in a positive light.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What stone should Aquarius wear?

Amethyst is the Aquarius’ lucky stone. Wearing this stone has a significant impact on their relationships, personalities, and business.

2. Can Aquarius wear diamond ring?

Diamond is the birthstone for persons born under the signs of Virgo and Libra, as it brings good fortune and prosperity. Other zodiac signs are permitted to wear the diamond at specific periods and under specific circumstances.

3. Which Colour is unlucky for Aquarius?

Colors that are neutral or muddy, such as brown, dark blue, or earthy green, are considered inauspicious for Aquarius. These colours weaken Uranus’ energy and attract calamity.

4. What is Aquarius birthstone color?

The Colour Aquaius is said Strenghten Relationship and give courage to those who wear it. Amethyst is the birthstone hue for those born in February or under the sign of the water-bearer.