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Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius: How Does a Sagittarius Birthstone Help?

Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius: How Does a Sagittarius Birthstone Help?

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Sagittarius zodiac sign is ruled by the guru Graha, planet Jupiter (also known as guru Brihaspati in Hinduism). Jupiter is considered to be the planet of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality. 

In order to reap the benefits of Jupiter, Sagittarius people have the option to wear the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius. The most powerful Sagittarius birthstone is turquoise. Turquoise is a miracle gemstone that can heal and guide the natives in all spheres of life. 

Want to understand more about this lucky gemstone for Sagittarius and other crystals that are also beneficial for Sagittarius men and women? Then, this guide will tickle your curiosity bones. Dive in for details!   

Sagittarius Traits: What are these people like?

Did you know that a lucky gemstone for Sagittarius has to correspond to the traits of the natives to invigorate the excellence of Jupiter? Care to know what those positive traits are? Well, we have listed them below. 

Explore the details here:

  • Sagittarius-borns have a very strong viewpoint. 
  • These people are very compassionate and charitable. 
  • They’re not biased and have a very keen eye for honesty. 
  • People with Sagittarius zodiac signs (also known as Dhanu Rashi) are gifted and very curious. 
  • They like to explore places, people, religions, cultures, and whatnot! Such immense knowledge makes them very tolerant. 
  • They’re forgiving, not fools. Once they sense betrayal (which they do due to their strong intuition), they don’t think twice to maintain distance. 

Did you know that people who have Sagittarius as their moon sign and the ascendant sign can also reap the positives and intellect of Jupiter by wearing a lucky gemstone for Sagittarius?

Lucky gemstones for Sagittarius

  • Turquoise – It’s always turquoise that’ll win the race. It’s an opaque gemstone that has healing powers. It can certainly guide Sagittarius people toward the path of spirituality. 
  • Blue Zircon
  • Citrine
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Ruby
  • Opal

The lucky gemstone for Sagittarius Man 

Interestingly, turquoise is luckier for Sagittarius men than women. In many ways, turquoise will invite happiness and peace in the life of its wearer. Here are some details you must know:

  • When the male natives wear energized turquoise and pay their respect to planet Jupiter, luck starts favoring them in their careers. 
  • The natives earn wealth and make a good name for themselves. 
  • Turquoise heals many diseases such as lung disorders, throat problems, and stomach inflammation. 

According to medical astrology, it’s copper in turquoise that’s responsible for the health benefits it reaps. You have to be careful when wearing this stone though. There are certain rules that have to be followed. 

Lucky Gemstone for Sagittarius Woman 

Turquoise is definitely going to be a great help. But, it’s blue topaz that’s the ideal lucky gemstone for Sagittarius Woman. Sagittarius women wearing an energized blue topaz will succeed in all their endeavors. 

Other than blue topaz that can channel the positive energy and sensibilities in Sagittarius women, these women can also wear Amethyst, citrine, ruby, turquoise, sapphire, and citrine

Did you know that people with Sagittarius as their moon sign should wear yellow sapphire? 

How to wear a Sagittarius birthstone to reap the benefits? 

A Sagittarius birthstone can be very beneficial, but it has to be energized. Plus, there are certain rules that have to be followed. Let’s have a look!

  • Whether it’s blue sapphire that you wear or turquoise, all Sagittarius birthstones should be high-carat. Ideally, a 2-carat blue sapphire is considered to be ideal. 
  • When you’re wearing a Sagittarius birthstone, make sure you chant the Jupiter beej mantra to please the planet. 
  • Always wear a Sagittarius birthstone on your index finger
  • A gold band is ideal to make a ring with Sagittarius gemstone studded in it. 

Interestingly, if you plan to wear coral as a lucky gemstone, you should buy a 3-carat gemstone and chant, ‘Om Kram Krim Kraum Sah Bhaumaya Namah’ to energize the stone. Further, the silver band is the ideal metal for coral as a lucky gemstone for Sagittarius. 

Precautions to follow when wearing a Sagittarius birthstone

Apart from the fact that it should be a high-carat, energized gemstone, there are certain other precautions that must be observed. 

  • Do not consume non-vegetarian food. 
  • Refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking. 
  • Don’t disrespect teachers, elders, and women. 
  • Don’t wear the ring if it gets damaged. Replace it immediately. 
  • Always pray to Lord Jupiter daily for blessings. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Turquoise, topaz, and blue-sapphire are Sagittarius birthstones that can bring luck and success in the life of natives. 

Whilst Turquoise is the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius man, it’s blue topaz that is the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius woman. 

If you happen to have Sagittarius as your zodiac sign or moon sign, you must focus on pleasing the planet Jupiter by wearing a Sagittarius birthstone. It will definitely heal you emotionally and physically.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Sagittarius lucky gem?

Turquoise is said to be the lucky gemstone for Sagittarius residents since it helps them concentrate on worthwhile endeavours. With its crystalline characteristics, it aids in the extraction of Jupiter’s energy.

2. What is Sagittarius favorite color?

Their favourite colour is probably black, because it is complete perfection and has no complexities, just like them! Sagittarians have a laid-back demeanour and prefer colours that reflect their free-spirited nature. Purple is the colour that attracts them the most.

3. Which crystal is good for Sagittarius?

Sagittarius’ birthstone is blue topaz, which is recognised as a stone of calm, knowledge, and self-realization. This translucent sky blue gemstone is thought to help one cut through obstacles or complications by strengthening the mind, increasing spirituality, and increasing mental strength.

4. Can Sagittarius wear gold?

Gold is also considered lucky for persons born under Bappi Lahiri’s astrological sign of Sagittarius. They get success by wearing gold. Jupiter receives a lot of attention and good fortune as a result of this. Not only that, but they achieve a high social status and live a happy life.