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Main Door Vastu: Important Vastu Tips You Should Know About

Main Door Vastu: Important Vastu Tips You Should Know About

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Vastu shastra is highly valued when constructing a property. It is believed that if the Vastu of a house is not correct, there will be the presence of negative forces in the house. Vastu dosh is a known astrological fact that even builders keep in mind nowadays. 

People have become so aware of Vastu for the home that they can easily spot Vastu defects in a room. But, what about the doors? Did you know that the main door Vastu is the first basic? If not right, the entire purpose will go in vain. 

People ensure that the rooms of the house are Vastu-compliant, but so should the main door be. If you’re somebody who believes in the power of Vastu, then this guide about the main door Vastu will be a delight to read. 

Dive in to explore the secrets like the main door size as per Vastu, the placement of the main door, things to keep and not keep near the main door, and more!

2 Important Elements You Cannot Ignore According to Main Door Vastu 

Astrology is not an easy science and Vastu is one of astrology’s branches. There are many elements about the main door of the house that might look basic, but according to Vastu, they’re major! 

Surroundings Around the Main Door Matter a Lot

It’s not just about the main door itself, it’s about the immediate surroundings of that door. Positivity enters a house from the main door according to astrology and shadows are considered unlucky and dark forces in astrology. 

Naturally, planting trees or flowers in a way that they cast a shadow on the main door is prohibited in astrology. 

According to the main door Vastu, if any shadow falls on the main door, it will immediately affect the house since the minute you’ll open the door, darkness will prevail.

Here are some other interesting surrounding tips according to the main door Vastu that you should keep in mind. 

  1. The view from the main door should be very pleasant, soothing, and calming.
  2. The main door should not open to the sight of an abandoned building. It’s bad luck.
  3. The area around the main door should not be cluttered. Anything obstructing the main door is inauspicious. 
  4. Keep the entranceway that comes through the main door tidy.

Did you know that according to astrology, Mata Lakshmi (the Hindu Goddess of wealth) enters a house from the main door? If the entranceway from the main door is cluttered, the Goddess will return! 

The Material Used for the Main Door is Important 

Do not ever use cheap metal to construct the main door of the house. The best material is wood of the highest quality. The aesthetics of the main door will always matter. If you come to think about it, all celebrities have grand main doors! 

All positive forces enter the house through the main door. If the door is unattractive or made of cheap metal, wealth and happiness might not make their way through such doors. 

  1. The main door should not be damaged or cracked. This is one of the reasons that high-quality materials are preferred. In case, the door has cracks, get them mended or replace the main door with an undamaged one.
  2. Use dark earthly shades of brown for the main door. Colors that are closer to nature are considered lucky according to the main door Vastu.

3 Interesting Facts About Main Door Vastu in Astrology

Main door Vastu is diverse and elaborate. There are some interesting facts that one should know about the main door of the house. 

Knowing these facts will help you buy the right house or get your house corrected accordingly. Have a look!

#1 Main Door Size as Per Vastu

Did you know that the size of the main door in comparison to all the other doors in your house is also very important? The main door should be the biggest and the broadest door of the house.  

In fact, the size of the main door also matters a lot: the height of the main door should be twice the width of the door.

#2 Two Entry Doors Are Auspicious 

According to the main door Vastu, it is better if the house has two entry doors. The bigger one will be treated as the main door in astrology. Hence, it should be in front of the house. 

The smaller one is usually called the exit door (or the back door) and it should be smaller than the main door. It should have only one closing shutter. Also, ensure that it is not aligned in a straight line with the front main door. 

#3 If Possible, Keep Your Neighbor’s House into Consideration Too

This main door Vastu tip can work out only at the time of construction since you can’t demolish the entire house later on. And if you’re buying a pre-constructed house, you have a chance to make sure this main door Vastu condition is met. 

Here is what it is:

The main door of your house should not face the main door of your neighbor’s house directly. Make sure there’s some degree of deflection instead of both the main doors (yours and your neighbor’s) exactly parallel to each other. 

Concluding Thoughts:

Main door Vastu can make or break the entire aura of your house. It’s the main door where the energy comes from inside your house. This is why everything around and about the main door should be auspicious. 

As long as your main door is not cluttered, not covered in shadows, has a pleasant view ahead of it, and is bigger and larger than other doors in your house, you’re good to go. 

If you think that some major Vastu dosha has occurred due to the main door of your house and you can’t seem to get rid of the negativity, it is always considered relevant that you seek the advice of an expert astrologer so that the Vastu dosha can be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should be placed in front of main door?

The entryway should preferably face north, northeast, east, or west, according to Vastu, as these directions enhance prosperity. If the main entrance must face south, make sure to fix the Vastu by erecting a pyramid or helix. In a clockwise orientation, the door should open inwards.

2. What should I keep in my main door?

For the entrance door, wood is seen to be the most fortunate material. In fact, if your home’s entry does not face the Vastu-recommended directions (south and southwest are considered prohibited), adding wood and metal can help to balance the dosha.

3. What to do if main door is south facing?

Main doors or entrances to a south-facing property must be positioned in the centre of a south-facing wall or area, according to vastu principles. This is done to align the home’s energy. Entrances to the left of the centre point are often good as well.

4. Can a house have 2 main doors?

According to vastu principles, there should be two doors: one for entry and one for exit. The departure door should be slightly smaller than the entry door. This will allow fresh air to enter the house.

5. Which side door should open?

Which way is the best for a house entrance? Because these directions are regarded auspicious, the main door/entrance should always be in the north, north-east, east, or west. The main door should not be facing south, south-west, north-west (north side), or south-east (east side).