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Mars in 12th House: Find the Effects on Career, Wealth, and More!

Mars in 12th House: Find the Effects on Career, Wealth, and More!

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Mars in 12th house isn’t considered a very good position for the planet. The 12th house in Vedic Astrology is already the house of losses and detachments, on top of that when Mars occupies this house, it might take the natives away from reality even further.

The effects of Mars in 12th house also depend upon the houses that the planet is facing. Mars in 12th house in navamsa chart facing the 6th house and the 7th house have the most dramatic effects (to be discussed later on in this quick post).

Considering the fact that Mars in 12th house from Lagna can make the natives day-dreamers, aggressive, and loners, it’s natural that the natives want to know if everything is going to be tough in their lives. 

To clear the air once and for all, the answer is no – Mars in 12th house might be risky, but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any good effects at all.

If you have Mars in 12th house in your horoscope and you’re worried about the effects of this planet on your career, wealth, and marriage, then Sirs and Madams, you’ve come to the right page.

We have discussed all kinds of effects that Mars in the 12th house has on the life of the natives. Dive in for all the information.

3 Positive Effects of Mars in 12th House

It’s a known fact that Mars in 12th house bursts the natives with energy. The way in which that energy can be channelized has a lot to do with the kind of results that the natives get. 

The Natives are Compassionate and Kind

Mars is usually known for its selfishness but the 12th house is the house of spirituality. It’s not solely the house of endings in a bad way, the 12th house is also the house of endings of sorrows, greed, and selfishness. 

When strong, the 12th house counterfeits the selfishness that Mars can bring. Hence, positive Mars in 12th house, when the house is not under the grip of malice planets, makes the natives generous. 

  1. Mars in 12th house natives are not greedy. What they have, they might try to use the major share for the welfare of less fortunate people. 
  2. The natives do a lot of charity. 
  3. They’re closer to God and have a sense of peace.
  4. They like to keep to themselves. They are engaged in meditation that brings peace of mind as well. 

The Natives Have Supportive Brothers

Remember how we just said earlier that Mars facing the 7th house offers dramatic results? Well, here’s where Mars in 12th house synastry begins showing its positive effects on family relationships.

When Mars in 12th house is facing the 7th house, it means that the natives will be blessed with very supportive brothers. 

Not only will the brothers support the natives financially if needed, but they will also ensure that the natives can pull off their marriage.

The Natives Travel to Foreign Lands

Positive Mars in 12th house gives the natives a chance to travel aboard. And abroad is where the natives get the most success. When Mars in 12th house natives travel to different places, they acquire the knowledge of what religion truly means. They seek moksha and try to improve their karma.

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3 Negative Effects of Mars in 12th House 

A weak 12th house or debilitated Mars in the 12th house in horoscope is a sheer mess of hope. The natives suffer at the hands of superiority complex and ego.  

The Natives are Day-Dreams 

The natives with debilitated Mars in 12th house have big dreams, but they never leave their comfort zone to make those dreams come to reality. These people are astoundingly lazy and their lifestyle is very poor. 

Not doing anything makes the natives very negative and they become very quarrelsome. 

The Natives are Under Debt

This is the biggest scare of having debilitated Mars in the 12th house. The natives are spendthrifts. No matter the fortune they have, they somehow end up in debt. They develop addictions to drugs and alcohol and that’s where most of the money goes.

Losing what they have makes them greedy and beyond selfish. They might become very mean and foul-mouthed. It will only make them more lonely and dissatisfied

The ill-effects of losing all their money is significantly high when Mars in 12th house in horoscope is facing the 6th house. 

The Natives are Always Ailing 

The health of natives with Mars in 12th house in navamsa chart isn’t good. They suffer from eye disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, and blood infections. Sexually transmitted diseases might also affect the male natives since they might visit prostitutes. 

Mars in 12th House Marriage: How is the Domestic Life of the Natives? 

Mars in 12th house, when positive, makes the natives less attached to worldly pleasure that affects the marriage badly. When Mars in 12th house is debilitated, the natives might have extramarital affairs and that too affects the marriage badly. 

So, in all cases, Mars in 12th house synastry indicates a troubled marriage. 

  1. There will be a lot of arguments between the couple. 
  2. The natives might not have a son. As a matter of fact, the natives might not have any children, not even daughters.
  3. The spouse of Mars in 12th house natives might die unexpectedly.

The only relief comes when Mars in 12th house is facing the 7th house. It guards the marriage and protects it from falling apart.

Mars in 12th House Career: What are the Best Jobs for the Natives?

Mars in 12th house, when positive, helps the natives channelize their energy on their work. It sure brings success.

Since they have a very vivid imagination, the natives can become very popular creative writers. Since they like to work alone and like to be left alone as well, they can become very good data analysts, researchers, and scientists

Concluding Thoughts:

Mars in 12th house is a feared position and rightly so: if Mars is weak or agitated in the 12th house, it can push the natives into a lot of debt and make them sick and very greedy. 

However, when the same Mars is placed in 12th house that’s strong, it makes the natives wise. They’re giving and compassionate people. So, it’s all about the position of the planet. 

If you happen to have this strong combination of Mars in 12th house in your Kundli, do get some Mars in 12th house remedies and tips from an astrologer so that the planet doesn’t harm you in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Which house is good for Mars?

The placement of Mars in the first house produces outstanding results. It provides the native with sufficient willpower to excel in the commercial sphere. It encourages self-employment above servitude in the house of one’s own. Mars also attracts a fiery partner.

2. Does Mars give wealth?

After a lot of hard work, the Mars of wealth bestows success and money. Such a person will inherit property or benefit from inherited wealth. Such a person is capable of deceiving his buddies. They can be friends with both good and terrible individuals.

3. How can we make Mars happy?

One of the most effective ways to calm Mars’ energies is to donate blood. Donate red Bel fruit (a native Indian fruit) to help Mars become more powerful. Planting red flowers in your home might also help to boost your Mars energy. On Tuesday, giving jaggery and gram to monkeys would also help please Mars.

4. What does the 12th house symbolize?

The Twelfth House is located just beneath the horizon in the sky: it is literally the darkness before dawn. Similarly, the Twelfth House rules all things that exist without physical forms, such as dreams, secrets, and emotions, and is known as the “unseen realm.”

5. Which house is bad for Mars?

Because it deals with bed comforts or energy depletion, the 12th house is deemed negative for Mars’ placement.

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