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Mia Malkova Boyfriend: Is She Dating Someone?

Mia Malkova Boyfriend: Is She Dating Someone?

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Some people in the entertainment and famous industries stand out more than others, and their admirers can’t get enough of them. As an example, Mia Malkova has become incredibly famous and beloved due to her charisma and acting chops. Although her career achievements have garnered a lot of attention, people are still curious about her private life, especially her love connections. Discover Mia Malkova’s boyfriend’s identity as we go into her life in this article.

Who is Mia Malkova?

From Palm Springs, California, Mia Malkova streams p$r$ographic films on Twitch and is 29 years old.

Despite her frequent appearances in p$r$ographic films, she has made appearances on podcasts such as No Jumper with Adam22, Stiff Socks with Trevor Wallace Michael Blaustein, and others.

On her Twitch account, miamalkova, the a#ul! actress shares a variety of stuff, including gaming and explicit material. The Twitch streamer revealed on her show that role-playing games are her favorites since she loves being engrossed in them. By the way, I’m a huge fantasy enthusiast.

After eight years in the business, the @or* actress took up the prize for Mainstream Venture of the Year at the AVN Awards in 2021.

The Married Life of Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova has been quite open with her fans about the ups and downs of her life, which she has experienced as a 31-year-old. A turning point in her life came in 2014, when she wed #dul& film star Danny Mountain. Their marriage lasted from 2014 until 2018. Keeping their romance under wraps was a priority for Malkova during their marriage. But she spoke frankly about the difficulties they had once the divorce was official.

They had a lot of problems because they didn’t have much in common outside of the camera. On the “Touchy Subject” podcast, Malkova came clean about her ex-husband’s struggles with intimacy. Because of this, they were unable to have any kind of physical intimacy in their actual relationship. This estrangement had a devastating effect on Malkova’s mental health, making her feel uncomfortable and unhappy. They eventually broke up since nothing had changed in all those years, no matter how much she tried to express her thoughts.

Is Malkova Dating Someone?

The most recent person Malkova was romantically involved with was Rich Campbell, a famous Twitch streamer and co-founder of the media group OTK (One True King). Their romance remained shrouded in mystery until December 2022, when clues began to appear on various social media platforms. However, Campbell’s fortunes turned upside down the next year when he was accused of $@#ual assault. His decision to resign from his post at OTK was a direct result of this.

In reaction to the accusations, Campbell just acknowledged them and said he would explain his position. He left his job inside the organization as per OTK’s request. Despite all of this, his relationship with Malkova was still unclear; neither of them had addressed the direction their partnership had been taking in the past few months.


Finally, Mia Malkova prefers to keep her private life under wraps, so no one knows who her lover is. Please keep quiet about the rumors and focus on her success as an actress and influencer; she deserves our respect and privacy. Her rise to stardom and her work for many causes showcase Mia Malkova’s complex character. Her mysterious admirers are waiting impatiently for any news she may share as her career takes off.