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How to find out out Your Lucky Number with Mobile Number Numerology

How to find out out Your Lucky Number with Mobile Number Numerology

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Lucky numbers and lucky colors are very important when it comes to defying bad omens and bad luck.

And, today, we will be taking you through the entire concept behind mobile number numerology – the ways in which it can help and what does your lucky number signify.

Fun Facts about Mobile Number Numerology

Just like numerology is the study of numbers to find out which one is lucky for you, similarly, mobile number numerology uses your phone number to find out what your lucky number is. You have to download a mobile number numerology app to find out your lucky number. Once you download it, feed the entire number in the app and the sum will determine your lucky number.

That said, let’s now take you through the meaning and significance of every number according to astrology.

Lucky Number 1 (ONE)

If 1 is your lucky number according to mobile number numerology, then here’s what it means. You will not just get a very important position in your office, you will also experience a significant amount of power when it comes to career. So, expect a lot of praise and fame coming your way.

Lucky Number 2 (TWO)

If 2 is your lucky number according to mobile number numerology, then, according to astrology, you are someone with a very creative mind. People like you are exceptional artists – you could be a singer, a painter, a dance, and even a writer. Since it’s your emotions that govern you, you might turn out to be very empathetic in life. That is why people will ultimately love you.

Lucky Number 3 (THREE)

If 3 is your lucky number, there’s a lot you can expect out of your unique personality. Expect a lot of fame when you’re in the right career. Since you’re a smart calculative person, you’re going to do exceptionally well as a lawyer, an advisor, and a teacher. Also, remember, do not ever underestimate your management skills. People like you  can achieve success in every field.

Lucky Number 4 (FOUR)

If 4 is your lucky number in mobile number numerology, then here’s what you should be.

  1. Your communication and social skills will make you a good scientist and a good politician.

  2. Your mind is sharper than most other people. The only downside about your personality is that you get restless too easily and too quickly. If you can put this trait in the backseat, you’re going to excel in your career.


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Lucky Number 5 (FIVE)

People with 5 as their lucky number are born explorers. You cannot resist adventure. Which is why you’ll do exceptionally well as an entrepreneur. You like to keep busy. Dull and stagnant life is not your cup of tea. It’s only excitement that can keep you happy and driven. However, it doesn’t mean you’re reckless. It just means that you’re always brimming with a lot of energy.

Lucky Number 6 (SIX)

If number 6 is your lucky number then there’s no denying that you’re family oriented. You are a fantastic home-maker who can bring peace and prosperity even in chaos. You’ll do exceptionally well as an artist since you can easily click the emotional chord.

Lucky Number 7 (SEVEN)

Let’s just say, you’re as mysterious as astrology is. This is definitely one of your strengths. You always think before you act. It means you do not make decisions in a haste. You do not function on impulse since you’re a careful planner. Once you know what you have to do in life, you’ll walk sky and earth to achieve your goal.

Lucky Number 8 (EIGHT)

You are a very subtle soul if your lucky number is 8. However, because of this cordial nature of yours, you have to usually work harder than others to achieve success. The good thing though is that you do not quit easily. You will always flare better when you work for the betterment of society. This is why people like you are exceptionally good lawyers and even better educationists.

Lucky Number 9 (NINE)

If 9 is your lucky number in mobile number numerology, it means that you’ll do well in the healthcare sector since compassion is one of your better traits.


  1. Lucky numbers have to say a lot about the personality of a person.

  2. Following the career that’s marked as most suitable by your lucky number is something that’ll give you a lot of success.

  3. Mobile Number Numerology provides you with enough hints about how your future can be if you act in a certain way and follow a certain path.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is mobile number numerology?

Using a phone number to calculate the lucky number of a person is mobile number numerology.

2. What is the meaning of the lucky number 5 in mobile number numerology?

If your lucky number is 5, it means that you are very adventurous. You will travel a lot. The best career for you would be an entrepreneur.

3. What is the meaning of lucky number 4 in mobile number astrology?

It means that you will have an excellent career as a scientist and a politician. It also means that you are a very intelligent person.

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