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Mole on Different Human Body Parts and Their Meaning

Mole on Different Human Body Parts and Their Meaning

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Do you have moles on different parts of your body? If the answer’s a firm YES, we would love to share what mole meaning on body is. Some people look at it as a tiny bulge or a mark, but others understand that it has to mean something in astrology. 

We thought of putting an end to all the curiosity and giving you an insight into the meaning of moles on different parts of your body. 

There is a separate field of moles in astrology. Can you believe that? Well, let’s dive right into the mole meaning on body article and find out all secrets. 

Defining Samudrik Shastra 

As per the astrologers, the field of astrology that covers the meaning of moles is known as, ‘Saamudrik Shashtra.’ This particular field tries to understand the nature, personality, and also the future of an individual having birthmarks/moles. 

Moles come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of the astrologers have also suggested that moles are connected to the movement of planets. 

When the child is still in the womb, these moles are formed and it is due to the planetary position. 

Moles and Their Characteristics 

Moles can be characterized by their size, color, and shape. 

  1. Size – Moles can be small, round and big, and long. The small one doesn’t have major effects, but the other two are highly auspicious. 
  2. Shape – Moles can be zigzag, round, square, or triangle. You could have all of these or just one of these. Triangle one brings mixed results (both good and bad), zigzag may bring bad results (as per astrologers), round moles reflect goodness in the person having it, and square ones bring unpredictability. 
  3. Color – Moles come in two different colors – black and light. Light colors include honey, red, sandalwood, or even green emerald. If you have these, you may be lucky in life. Black brings obstacles and obstructions in life. 

Moles on Your Body and Their Meaning 

Mole on body can bring both favorable and unfavorable effects, but they also have an aesthetic appeal. A little mole on the face looks endearing. 

But you are here for more details, so we would be happy to share more about mole meaning on body

It can be in intimate areas or even something that you can flaunt daily like your arms, hands, or face. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what moles on different body parts mean. 

Moles on Body Parts Meaning 

Meaning of Mole on the forehead

A mole on the forehead means you are calm and wise. Mole towards the right side of the forehead means that you will be acquiring a lot of wealth. The left side mole on the forehead does not bring good news. There’s a chance of loss or the native being selfish. 

Meaning of moles on eyebrows 

Mole on eyebrows is quite difficult to spot. You may not see them, but they bring some positive effects. The natives will have leadership qualities and they will gain a lot of financial wealth. Mole on the right side of the eyebrow has positive effects on marriage and love life. Mole on the left side means that the natives may be selfish or cowardly. 

Meaning of Moles on Eyes 

Left eye mole means that the natives may be arrogant. They should get rid of pessimism. The mole on the right eye brings good news. It means that the natives will be hardworking and honest. 

Meaning of Mole on Nose 

Mole on the nose means that the natives will be impulsive and may make rash decisions. Mole on the right side means that the natives will not have to struggle to gain wealth

The mole on the left side brings inauspicious results. A mole right below the nose makes the natives sensual and attractive. 

Meaning of Mole on Cheek

A mole on the right cheek means that natives will be dominating. Left cheek mole means natives will be short-tempered. They would like to live the life of an introvert. 

Meaning of Mole on Lips 

Moles on lips can amplify the aesthetics of the face. If the natives have a mole on their lips, they will have great interest in drama and food. They’re critics of food and everything that pleases the eyes. However, the natives need to have some control over their eating habits as they’re prone to obesity and health concerns. 

Meaning of Mole on Tongue 

Mole on tongue means that the natives will have speech-related issues and health concerns. Mole on tip of the tongue means that the natives will enjoy food. 

Meaning of Mole on Neck 

A mole on the back of the neck means natives may be aggressive. They need to control their anger. Mole on the front side means they may possess good luck. 

Meaning of Mole on Arm 

Mole on arm means natives will be good in nature and well-mannered. Right arm mole means natives will be intelligent but not egoistic. Left-arm mole means they will get to live a luxurious life.

Meaning of Mole on Wrist 

The natives will be very creative and might get jobs in the field of art, advertising, and even writing. 

Meaning of Mole on Palm 

The natives might have to face a lot of hardship in life. 

Meaning of Mole on Genitals 

The natives are generous, sensual, romantic, and open-minded. 

Meaning of Mole on Chest

The natives will have a sense of sensuality. The female natives with a mole on the right breast may have bad habits. It will be easy for them to pick the bad habits. Male natives having a mole on the chest may have financial concerns in life (right side of the chest). Male natives having a mole on the left side will be clever, but they may have concerns about managing relationships. 

Meaning of Mole on Navel 

Female natives will have a blissful married life. Male natives will have a good family life too. 

Meaning of Mole on Feet  

Left foot mole brings hardships, especially financial ones. Right foot mole brings peace in love life. 

Meaning of Mole on leg 

Mole on leg means that the natives will make decisions without putting a lot of thought into it. They are also fearless. 

Meaning of Mole on Thigh 

Mole on the left thigh means natives will be artistic. They can also be quite lazy. Mole on the right thigh means natives will be fearless. 


We hope this guide has cleared all your questions in terms of the astrological significance of moles on your body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which mole is lucky for female?

A mole on the ear is considered a lucky sign. Females with an ear mole will be extremely fortunate, intellectual, and fast to make decisions. If a female has a mole on both ears, she will have the most comfortable existence and will be able to effortlessly influence others. A good marriage is indicated by a marriage on the left ear.

2. What moles on your neck mean?

If the mole is seen on the back of the neck, it indicates that the person is aggressive and easily enraged. They have a reputation for being anti-social. If it’s on the front, the person is likely to be artistic and have a nice voice. Following their marriage, they will be well-established.

3. Which is the lucky mole?

While a mole on the outer edge of your upper lips is considered fortunate, one on your lower lip may indicate a proclivity for gambling.

4. Which mole is unlucky?

People who have a mole on their left eyelids, on the other hand, live more modest lifestyles. They can be short on cash. People who have a mole inside their upper eyelid are considered lucky and prosperous. A mole inside the lower eyelid, on the other hand, is considered unfortunate.

5.Why do I have so many moles on my body?

In most cases, it’s assumed to be a combination of genetic factors and UV damage. Moles appear in childhood and adolescence, and their size and colour fluctuate as you get older. When your hormone levels vary, such as during pregnancy, new moles are frequent.