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Top 6 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs | Know if You are one of them

Top 6 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs | Know if You are one of them

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As the world experiences one of the most troubling times in history, our situation can be particularly hard for the most sensitive among us. Much of the daily news is anxiety-ridden and it’s not easy on sensitive souls. When we look at the zodiac, we can see that some signs are more sensitive and emotionally aware than others.

The most sensitive zodiac signs have above-average manners, are highly diligent, and process things on a deeper level, according to astrology. They’re meticulous, easily overstimulated by too much activity, and may employ people-pleasing strategies to avoid criticism.

We have compiled a list of 6 most sensitive zodiac signs, ranked in order


Pisces is extremely sensitive, as they process information at a deep level. They’re also highly intuitive and empathetic, caring deeply about others and constantly wanting to do their best for them. It’s been stated that Pisces are highly sensitive to the point that it’s nearly impossible for them not to cry.


Cancers are like a whirlwind of emotions and not just their own. When faced with problems or unfavourable situations, they are more emotionally reactive than virtually any other zodiac sign, and they often worry about how other people will react. 
Cancers are exceedingly compassionate and empathize with others’ suffering.


One of the defining characteristics of highly sensitive people is their difficulty to make quick decisions – and Libra is no exception. They take longer to make a decision because they have to consider all possible outcomes. When Libras make a decision and it turns out to be a bad one, they become even more irritated. A bad decision can linger in Libra’s mind for a long period.


Geminis have a proclivity towards taking things personally. If someone isn’t having a good time at a party hosted by Gemini, they will blame themselves. Geminis have a hard time making decisions and deciding where they want to go since they are overwhelmed with the alternatives. They’re always conscious of other people’s feelings and would never want to cause them any distress.


Detail-oriented persons are highly sensitive, which is a major Virgo trait. They’re hyperaware of their surroundings and can feel like one huge exposed nerve at times. They may detect negativity where none exists, and they have a proclivity to take things personally. You never know when you’ll set them off since they’re a twisted, braided combination of emotions.


Although Scorpios don’t appear to be hypersensitive, they are influenced by turmoil and loudness. They are quickly overwhelmed and overstimulated when there is too much going on around them. They do better when they concentrate their laser-like focus on a single task rather than multitasking. They have such a keen sense of intuition that it can appear as if they can read people’s minds.