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4 Strong Reasons to Bring back that Mud Chulha in Your Kitchen

4 Strong Reasons to Bring back that Mud Chulha in Your Kitchen

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Gas stoves, microwave, and oven for cooking and baking has now become an integral aspect of our life.  But do you know, not very long ago, the humble “homemade mud chulhas (clay stoves)” were all the rage.

Owning to modernisation, the simple “Mud chulha” was slowly replaced by sophisticated, one-touch cooking range with chimneys that kept the cooking area smoke-free and prepared the food faster.

However there are many positive benefits of “Mud chulha”, that we might not be aware.

In this article we would discuss those positive benefits of cooking food on mud chulha, andgive you 4 strong reasons to add it in your kitchen.

Improves the Flavour

The traditional method of cooking on a mud chulha involves the use of earthen pots, which naturally contribute to the dish’s flavour. According to experts, food cooked in earthen pots is nutrient-rich because the pots help retain the dish’s moisture and aroma.

Maintains Nutritional Integrity

The Best aspect of cooking on a mud chulha is that the heat is not too intense, thus food cooked retains all of its moisture and nutrients. This slow cooking method preserves all of the minerals, hence maintain the nutritional integrity.

Food gets the Smoky Flavour

If you have ever had the opportunity to eat food prepared in a mud chulha, it has a smokey flavour due to the use of cow dung cakes, which enhances the overall food experience.

Purifies the Area

Contrary to many popular perceptions, it is claimed that cooking in an open courtyard using a mud chulha and cow dung cake helps purify the house and air. It also prevents insects and mosquitoes from entering the home.