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Many Celebrities are using Mugdar as their Fitness Tool: Know its Amazing Health Benefits

Many Celebrities are using Mugdar as their Fitness Tool: Know its Amazing Health Benefits

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Lately, you would have come across many celebrities endorsing the ancient Indian fitness tool “Mugdar”. Right from Milind Soman to Adah Sharma, celebrities are using (Indian club) Mugdar exercises to get into shape.

So, what exactly is Mugdar and what are the benefits of Mugdar exercises? Let’s dive in

What is Mugdar?

The Mugdar is a kind of bat resembling a gada or a heavy mace. It is typically referred to as the “Indian club.” It is part of the Indian club training program in which exercisers must swing the club.

The Mugdar movements are not only visually appealing, but they also benefit the exerciser in numerous ways.

History behind “Mugdar”

According to legend, ancient Persian pehelwans or wrestlers used use Mugdar extensively to strengthen their torsos and arms. Since they were expected to strengthen their torsos and arms in preparation for competitions.

The concept quickly spread to South Asian nations, including India, Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, before being adopted by the British, who tweaked it and dubbed it Indian Club training.

The Benefits of Mugdar Exercises

The Mugdar training is an effective aerobic exercise whose primary advantage is shoulder strength and flexibility. It is excellent for rehabilitation and prevention, body coordination, grip and forearm strength, and core muscle conditioning.

  • Mugdar exercise is an excellent means of shoulder strengthening. The icing on the cake is that it allows for adequate shoulder movement. Tennis and martial arts athletes stand to gain significantly from Mugdar training.

  • By strengthening the pelvic muscles, it not only increases the life of one’s shoulders, improves mobility and range of motion, but also enhances one’s feeling of balance. The exercise stretches the back and restores full health, mobility, and posture to pronated (forward-rolled) shoulders

  • Mugdar exercises are good for developing forearm strength. When swinging the club, one experiences a searing feeling.

  • Doing Mugdar exercises demands maximum focus and equilibrium. It calls for coordination of the entire body. Therefore, it may even increase the athlete’s concentration.

  • Consistently doing Mugdar exercises can enhance the body’s posture as well as the body’s equilibrium.

  • As with the majority of other forms of exercise, Mugdar exercises improve the cardiovascular health of the body.