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Best 55 Hilarious Mustache Puns and Jokes for Adults

Best 55 Hilarious Mustache Puns and Jokes for Adults

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Particularly serious are certain males regarding their mustaches. They must believe they have the most fashionable sense of touch and are capable of exerting every effort to achieve perfection. These mustache references, however, are not that serious. Their amusing nature may inspire you to cultivate a mustache in order to partake in these mustache puns.

Funny Beard and Mustache Puns

I’m sexy and I grow it

Mo ‘staches for the Movember

Grow it while you can mo it

I wanna tell you a great mustache joke but I’m worried I’ll stubble over my words

Hey guys, what’s growing on?

Can you shave it for later if it’s not hairy important?

Mo bros for life

Can you shave it for later if it’s not hairy important?

Just grow with the flow

Excuse the pun, but I mustache you a question


Hair today, gone tomorrow

Mustache love never ends, it only grows

I have a great mustache pun, but I forgot it. Guess its shaved for later

The three mustache-ers

I wasn’t sure how I felt about facial hair, but its growing on me

Wearing a mask in public, I grew a mustache without anyone knowing. It’s my secret ‘stache

Considering transitioning my Movembeard to a Decembeard

Time is measured in days, weeks and beards

Mustache: A must have

Do not shave your mustache; it looks fan-stache-tic

Shaving was a big mis-tache

Mustache Jokes Questions

What did I say to someone making fun of my mustache at a party? “I mustache you to leave right now!”

What’s my November motivation? Keep calm and Mo long.

How do I feel about my mustache comb? I think I’m going to shave it for later.

What’s my request to someone while shaving their mustache? Can you just pause shaving your mustache and listen to me? It’s hairy important.

What’s the deal with Movember mustaches? They just keep growing.

How did my friend with a mustache approach me? He said, “Are you busy? Because I mustache you a question, it’s important.”

What do we call ourselves when my friend and I plan to grow mustaches together? We are bro-staches.

How do I feel about mustache love? I always believe that mustache love never ends. It keeps growing.

When do I plan to start growing a mustache? I will start growing a mustache from Movember 1st.

When do I plan to tell mustache puns to my friends? On Movember 31st. Shave the date!

What does my mustache tell me when I think about getting rid of it? It says, “Don’t. I’m sexy, and I grow it!”

How do I handle my problems, according to my mustache? My mustache has taught me that I mustache-ways face my problems bravely.

How did our friend stumble while telling us mustache puns? He said he kept stubbling over his words.

What do I ask my mustache when I look in the mirror? I look into the mirror and ask my mustache, “Hey buddy, what’s growing on with you?”

How do I react when my mustache keeps talking about the same thing? I say to it, “Will you just let it grow?”

What do we call ourselves, me and my two friends with great mustaches? The three mustache-ers.

How has my opinion about having a mustache changed over time? I was not sure about having a mustache but it is growing on me.

What’s my secret mustache when I wear a mask? It’s my secret ‘stache.

How do I keep track of my mustache’s growth? I keep track of my mustache’s growth in days, weeks, and beards.

What’s the only snack with a great mustache? The pi-stach-io.

What did my friend with a nice mustache do at the bank? My friend with a nice mustache went to the bank to open a shavings account.

How did the pirate feel after his shave? The pirate went to the salon and said, “Arrgh, shav-er me timbers.”

What kind of mustache does my professional biker friend have? My friend who’s a professional biker has been growing a handlebar mustache recently.

What should you do when you can’t let go of something right away? You can’t just let this go, you mustache-t on it right away!

Why did the mustache cross the road? To get to the hairy side!

What do you call a mustache that’s always on time? A punctu-mustache.

What’s a mustache’s favorite coffee? Espresso Yourself!

What do you say when you meet someone with a magnificent mustache? “Nice ‘stache, bro!”

How does a mustache stay fit? With a daily upper-lip workout!

What’s a mustache’s favorite kind of music? Heavy Metal…because it’s all about the ‘stache!

How does a mustache apologize? It says, “I mustache for forgiveness.”

Why did the detective have a mustache? Because it helped him ‘stache the clues!

What did the mustache say to the beard? “I mustache you to step aside, I’m the real star here!”

Why do hipsters love mustaches? Because they’re the original facial accessory!

How do you make a mustache laugh? Just give it a tickle!