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What Your Nails Say About Your Personality? Nail shapes meaning Decoded

What Your Nails Say About Your Personality? Nail shapes meaning Decoded

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Certain physical characteristics of a person’s personality, such as their nails, might reveal information about their emotional condition. The shape of your nails might reveal a lot about your personality.  However, a question that might come to your mind is whether altering the shape and size of the nail can change its effect on one’s personality. Well, the answer is No.

We are constantly aware of how our nails grow and what form they are most likely to take, regardless of how many types we cut, trim, or chew our nails. Your personality will be determined by the natural shape and size of your nails. 

So, whether your fingernails are short or long, and assuming you are aware of their shape, this is what the shape of your fingernails indicates about you.

If your nails are long and vertical


People with long vertical nails are thought to be particularly artistic in Astrology. You have the most appealing ideas in every field. Your right brain is more developed than your left, allowing you to perform these tasks.

Also, you are someone who is more concerned with minor matters such as how one eats, what one wears, and so on. Also, when it comes to love, you appreciate someone based on their behaviour rather than their appearance.

On the other hand, your left brain makes you prone to over-feeling everything. You have a tendency to trust everyone and end up being wounded most of the time. You’ll detect unavoidable conflicts of interest when communicating with left-brain people.

When it comes to trusting others, those with long vertical nails must exercise extreme caution. 

If your fingernails are Triangular

Triangular nails

Some people have triangular-shaped nails, which can be rather attractive. According to astrology, someone with such nails is able to see things that others overlook. Fingernails with this form are stubborn and occasionally oversensitive.

You should think twice before making a joke with these folks, and you should pick your topics carefully when chatting with them.

One thing these people should be concerned about, according to fingernail astrology, is love luck. Your over-sensitive tendencies may ruin the love game for you, even if you find the one you like. To do better in love, you need to be more assertive. 

If your fingernails are round or oval in shape

round and oval

Fingernails that are egg-shaped or spherical are flexible to change. Such a characteristic aids you in making better choices for yourself. And, in the majority of cases, such judgments are the consequence of your own courage. People with round fingernails are also socially adept.

You are a person who can be trusted. However, you must not exaggerate your accomplishments. What’s the best part? You get along with people with all different types of fingernail shapes. Being flexible is a fortunate trait because it leads to professional success. It’s empowering to be able to adjust what doesn’t work for you. To be successful in life, you must, however, put in a lot of effort. For the most part, luck will not be your closest friend; however, your brain will.

If your fingernails are wide

wide fingernail  

People with wide fingernails are more open-minded. And you don’t miss an occasion to flaunt this trait of yours. According to fingernail astrology, those with wide fingernails have a more developed left brain than those with narrow fingernails. This makes you more expressive in love. You aren’t afraid to express your emotions and find the concept liberating.

People with wide fingernails will have a difficult time connecting with people who utilize their right brain more than their left. This is due to the fact that the former communicate with their hearts rather than their brains. However, if you truly desire (someone who thinks with their heart) in your life, you must be patient.

You will perform better in your profession if you think using your left brain. Because you’re open-minded, you’ll be able to make more pals. Astrologers, on the other hand, advise that you devote time to listening to your heart

If your fingernails are almond shaped nails
almond shape

Finally, people with almond-shaped nails are trustworthy, caring, imaginative, and loyal. With the majority of things, you can trust these folks. These folks can’t stand injustice, especially when they don’t get what they deserve.

You are frequently under stress, which has a negative impact on your health. These folks have a lot of opinions about everything, but they are hesitant to put them into action. According to astrology, you have a tendency to get sick. As a result, you must reduce your daily activities and be more sensitive to your personal desires

If your fingernails are Square nails

square nails 

Having these types of nails distinguishes you as both unique and courageous. Males are more likely to have square-shaped nails. These people usually have a serious demeanour and are also sober-minded. Though having such skills can help you be more focused in life, having an exceptionally sober mind can make you appear rigid.

According to astrologers, if you are not so stiff, you may be able to have a nice relationship with others. You will take on the position of a leader at work. However, you are easily terrified by even minor changes, which might cause mental confusion. The best advice I can give you is to give your all while ignoring the repercussions.